Little things that bring you joy

Sometimes it's important to remember all the little things that raise a smile. Mumsnetters share what simple pleasures make them happy

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1. Food, glorious food

"Picking and eating the first ripe homegrown tomato of the year."

"Getting just the perfect amount of butter on a perfectly toasted crumpet, and taking that first bite."

"A hot salty bacon sandwich with lettuce, tomato and avocado and a cup of tea."

2. Sinking into a warm bed

"My super expensive White Company bed sheet. Sheer bliss."

"Waking up in the night and realising I have ages left to sleep and snuggling back down again."

"Rolling over onto my husband's side of the bed once he's left for work."

3. Unexpected moments of serendipity

"Thinking 'fuck it', driving right to the door of your destination and finding a parking space just there."

"Throwing something into a bin from a distance and it going clean in."

"Finishing the shampoo and conditioner at the same time."

4. Reaping the rewards of hard work

"Finding just the right chord or note for something I'm composing that changes the piece from just okay to something I'm really proud of."

"Solving or writing a hard maths equation."

"Writing a new song. I love listening to it back thinking 'Wow is that really me?'"

5. Enjoying one's own company

"That point in the morning when I have a day off, children are at school, my husband leaves for work and I have proper coffee and an hour with a good book. Completely brightens my week."

"Friday night, kids in bed, stove blazing, low lighting, first sip of wine."

"Going to the cinema on my own."

6. Getting comfortable

"Taking my bra off."

"Jumping back into a still warm bed for five minutes after a shower."

"Putting on warm clean socks off the radiator."

7. Life's small victories

"Guessing who the bad guy is while watching a TV show and getting it right. Sometimes shouting 'fucking knew it' feels so good."

"Getting answers right on University Challenge to any questions about music, films, TV etc pre-1995. It makes being old feel superior!"

"I took great pleasure recently in beating my six-year-old at Chick Chick Boom. Husband mildly rebuked me for not holding back, despite knowing that son is a gimlet-eyed shark who has thrashed me repeatedly."

8. Random, trivial things

"An inexplicably good hair day, especially when you've completely fluked it."

"Opening a hotel room door and being first to look inside, before the kids shove past."

"Months beginning on a Monday. I don't understand that one but I love it."

9. The company of animals

"Seeing a kingfisher."

"My dogs being pleased to see me and wiggling away due to excessive tail wagging."

"Sitting with my cats purring loudly down my ear."

10. The unutterable loveliness of parenthood

"My son yelling 'That's my Mummy!' and racing over when I pick him up from nursery."

"Standing in the doorway of my daughters' bedroom and watching them sleep."

"The sound of four excited children all telling me about their days at school all at once when I pick them up."

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