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When Yvette met Mumsnet, and what happened with the Pink Bus prang

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper came into MNHQ today for a webchat. As well as tackling questions about women in the cabinet and immigration, she weighed in on the Milifandom and Ed Balls Day before sweeping out of the Towers to *that* pink bus...


The Political Hair Debate rages on...

Yvette sided with the Conservatives, in as much she agreed with Nicky Morgan that hair should be washed in the morning, NOT before bed, as Tristram Hunt insists.

Yvette Cooper


Her views on 'Milibae'

She praised the Milifandom for 'cheerfully subverting' the political conversation.

Yvette Cooper


The importance of [cake]

Yvette explained that she chats to the home secretary Theresa May from time to time, but neglects to bring the all important snacks.



Yvette on the commercialisation of her other half

#edballs isn't just for Ed Balls Day, it's for life.

Yvette Cooper Ed Balls Day


What does she think of that blog?

Turns out Ed is secretly pleased with the infamous 'I'd do Ed Balls' blog.

Yvette Cooper blog


And with that, she was off to the Labour bus...

Yvette Cooper bus


...which got pranged on the way out of Mumsnet Towers. 

Pink bus prang


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