Beauty tips for women over 40: India Knight's top 6

Author India Knight's new book, In Your Prime, looks at what approaching middle age entails for contemporary women. Knight doles out wisdoms and witticisms on all manner of subjects including style and beauty, parenting and - of course - the menopause. To give you a flavour, here's India's run-down of her top beauty tips for older women.


1. Less is kind of more

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It's a strange truth that as you get older you need less and less makeup. This is because wearing a lot of makeup is ageing, as every 14-year-old trying to get into an 18 movie knows. Spend less on makeup and more on skincare. I don't believe in insanely expensive skincare: there are top-notch moisturisers for under £15. My book gives details of all these sorts of specifics.


2. Foundation is your friend 


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The make-up you do wear needs to earn its keep and to really do its job brilliantly. This is especially true of foundation, which can create the illusion of perfect, youthful skin. Spend a lot of time picking foundation and always try it on your face. Boringly, this involves then leaving the counter and going outside in natural light to inspect the effect – the right foundation will be undetectable to the naked eye. If you don't like the feel of foundation and have therefore shunned it for years, you may be pleasantly surprised by new formulations, some of which have the consistency of water. (If you don't need foundation, the above also applies to concealer.)

3. Emphasise your best bits

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If you're self conscious about wrinkles in a particular area, emphasise an area that has fewer wrinkles: for example, if you feel your eyes are excessively crinkly, keep eye makeup to a minimum and wear a bright lipstick. If your mouth needs a little help but your eyes are in excellent nick, do the opposite. Blusher makes everybody look healthy and well, unless it's badly applied. If you don't know how to put blusher on effectively (you'd be surprised), ask to be shown at a beauty counter. Ditto eyeshadow, which properly applied can change the whole look of your eye area. I think everyone over the age of 40 should have a make-up lesson (most are free at the counter – you just need to book yourself in).


4. Never underestimate the importance of a dazzling smile

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Bad teeth are incredibly ageing – much more so than lines. Think of anyone who 'looks good for her age' and the common denominator is always good teeth. At the very least, use a whitening toothpaste and visit the hygienist regularly. Don't think (invisible) braces are only for children. Consider made-to-measure whitening trays (a one-off cost – they last forever). At the other extreme, a little light cosmetic dentistry can be a great deal more effective than having 'work' done to your face. 


5. Use a primer on your face 

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...and especially on your eyelids. Not only do primers even everything out, but they ensure that even the cheapest makeup will stay put and not budge.


6. And never forget the importance of the 'c' word

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Looking good is 95% confidence. If you like how you look, you will look great.

Last updated: about 3 years ago