11 types of impulse buy

It seems that many of us have an incautious consumer within. Mumsnetters confess their most impulsive purchases

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1. The WTF?!

"I buy stuff while drunk. Usually from China or India - so by the time it's arrived it's long forgotten and I'm totally baffled. Thirty metres of bunting arrived the other day. Also some ladybird fairy lights and some Beatles cushion covers."

2. The Wonka

"I once drunk-ordered what I thought was 10 share-type bags of sweets that are only available in America. I had actually ordered 10kg of sweets."

3. The 'This will solve EVERYTHING'


"Eyelash and eyebrow dye - in 3 colours - plus all the accoutrements, were my most recent acquisitions."  

4. The Regressive 


"I've just spent £29 on a cuddly Baloo, after seeing the Jungle Book on Monday. I'm pretending he's for my son - because he's had government tests all week and has been a bit poorly. But he's totally for me. He had to be bought though; he was a bear necessity." 

5. The Intellectual Giant


"I went out for some books, and bought a bookshop instead."

6. The ... Wait, what?


"Ninety ties. No idea, but I ought to be breathalysed before I go on eBay. There should be an app that says, 'Are you sure...?'"

7. The 'I want that other lifestyle'

"I got a windbreak with a picture of a beach on it. We don't camp."

8. The Maximalist

"Went out for milk and came back with a Ford Galaxy. Three times."  

"I also bought a flat on impulse. To be fair, it's a nice flat."

9. The Whimsical


"I got bored and bought a ball pit to sit in. But I only bought two hundred balls, and they are tiny. Realistically, I need to buy about a thousand to make it really fun - but I won't. Meanwhile the cats have taken up residence in the ball pit. At least someone likes it."

10. The Extravagant

"My partner got drunk and bought me a horse once. I did want a(nother) horse, and I've still got her 12 years later, so it wasn't the disaster it could have been!"

11. The (mildly) Reckless

"This week have ordered a box of purple biros. Because I felt like it! Eagerly awaiting delivery." 

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