How to throw a Frozen party

If you know all the words to 'Let It Go', and have been trying to track down an elusive Elsa costume, then you're probably the parent of a Frozen fan. Here are Mumsnetters' creative tips on how to throw a Frozen-themed birthday party.


("Or you could lock them all into a room for the duration of the party and tell them they're Elsa!")*
*Not advised.


Games to play

It's surprisingly easy to reinterpret classic party games with a Frozen theme. Try these...

1. Kris ice tower 
See who can build the biggest tower from ice cubes (you can use those plastic reusable ice cubes)

2. Pin the tail on the reindeer - traditional, with a twist 


3. Steal the carrot from Sven 
Somebody sits in middle of the room wearing antlers and blindfolded with a crook on their lap. Take it in turns to sneak up and try and get carrot without being touched by Sven!

4. Do you want to build a snowman?
Each team chooses a child to dress up as a snowman using rolls of toilet paper within an allotted time. The team with the best snowman wins!

5. Pass the Snowball
Snowball pass the parcel with layers of white, silver, pale blue paper, cellophane, crepe paper etc.

6. Musical frozen statues
The children all have to stand like they've been frozen by Elsa.


Party food

This is where a star or snowflake-shaped biscuit cutter comes into its own

1. Birthday cake - have an outsized ice-cream bar instead of a cake

2. Cut the party sandwiches out with snowflake cutters

3. Snowman spare parts
Baby carrots, marshmallows and pretzel sticks 

3. Cupcakes decorated with snowflake sprinkles
Try out the never-fail cupcake recipe and top them off with our printable snowflake cupcake toppers

4. Snowflake biscuits
Use our easy Christmas biscuit recipe

4. Blue jelly

6. Crackers topped with cheese slices cut into snowflake shapes

7. Coconut ice-balls

And for drinks... 
Make squash with a huge jug of 'melted snowman' water


Adorn the room liberally with glittery snowflake decorations - the good news is that all of this can be redeployed for use again come Christmas.

frozen gif

Download our printable bunting




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