How to be a writer: 7 things we learnt from Blogfest

We had a stellar line-up of wordsmiths on our Writing Panel at Blogfest this year - bestselling novelists Nick Hornby, Rachel Joyce and Harriet Lane, legendary journalist Lynn Barber and the enormously talented Lisa Jarmin. Here's what they had to say... 

1. First off, work out if it's really for you

"Can you stop writing? If the answer's no, then you know it is." Nick Hornby 


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2. Give yourself time alone

"We - especially mothers - get very good at putting things in the way of our writing. We think the children and house come first. They don't. The need to write comes first. It makes us better mothers." Rachel Joyce 

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3. Get out of the house

"If I write at home I do five minutes, then reward myself with cheese and a look on Rightmove." Lisa Jarmin

"Getting out of the house and parking all those domestic anxieties works for me." Harriet Lane


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4. You must write every day

"I believe in discipline. Write every day, because if you just wait for the moment of inspiration it won't come." Lynn Barber


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5. And the good days are gold dust

"I've had 13 good days in 8 months - and that's *just* enough to write a novel." Nick Hornby


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6. K
eep your cards close to your chest 

"Never tell anyone you're writing a novel. You'll just get looks of pity." Nick Hornby 


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7. And remember: ballsiness gets you everywhere  

"I became a writer by adding 'freelance writer' to my email signature. I could do it, but I also *said* I could do it." Lisa Jarmin


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