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The joys of being an older parent

'Elderly primigravida' be damned. With more women than ever having babies after 40 (and Mick Jagger set to have his eighth child - at the distinguished age of 72), here's why being an older parent can be bloody great

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You've achieved some stuff (and sown some wild oats)

"I'm not worried that I'm missing out on opportunities in my social life or career, which I would have been in my twenties." 

You're no longer powered by pot noodles and beer

"I'm physically fitter and much stronger than I ever was in my twenties when I spent far too much time drinking in smoky bars. I'm far more aware of what I eat, I look after myself better."

Financial stability is less of a pipe dream

"We are financially secure and don't have to rush around juggling career/childminding/money etc."

"I had my third child just before I turned 40 and DH was almost 60. That was three years ago. DH will probably take partial retirement at 65 and it means we can spend lots of time with the kids."

Sometimes it's all in the lap of the Gods anyway...

"I had DD1 at 43 and DD2 at 46. I didn't want to have kids at this age - I'd have loved them younger - but it didn't happen in spite of all attempts."

"I thought I was infertile and unexpectedly got pregnant at 41 - my husband was 47. Our daughter is the light of our life and I wouldn't have it any other way." 

No-one knows what the future holds (so seize the day!) 

"You just never know what's round the corner, so I think you just can't worry about whether you might grow old and leave your kids when they are still young. It can happen to anyone at any time."

You didn't 'settle'

"I didn't find a man I wanted to have a child with until I was in my mid-thirties."

Of course, all this goes for dads too

"Now that he's older, he's travelled, got an established career and feels that 'family' is more important to him. In other words, he's gotten a lot of stuff out of his system. Men tend to be more comfortable with responsibility and have different priorities when they're older."

"My children have a father who is retired, so he is always at home and on hand to drive them here, there and everywhere. He has time to help with school work. He is patient and wise and tolerant."

If in doubt, remember - age ain't nothing but a number

"I have just given birth at 40 to a beautiful daughter. Do I feel old? No! I feel fortunate to have lived a little and got myself somewhat sorted before becoming a mother. Older parents can bring so much into a child's life."

"I was 49 when our daughter was born. I find myself with reserves of patience and good humour I never had before. It has encouraged me to lose the best part of two stone too and I'm no longer an overweight slob. Her birth signalled the start of the best times of my life. I am determined to be an absolutely awesome dad. Oldies rock!"

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