Haikus about Mumsnet

Celebrate National Poetry Day (6 October) with these really rather lovely haikus, written by Mumsnetters. They may even inspire you to write your own...

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Modern heroines
Wicked queens with golden hearts
Mumsnet is legend. ApplesinmyPocket

Floating in nothing
The net catches me, saves me,
All I need to know. BuzzingNoise

Pieces of patchwork
We stitch ourselves together
Bound by common threads. Pofacedagain

Mumsnet speaks, leaders
Tremble. Their untruths crumble
Like biscuits in tea. vezzie

Long distance mothers
Shed their loneliness like skins
Littering the floor. PopeSusanIV

Internet strangers
United as one, support
Anonymous friends. Rubyrubyruby

In internet times
Mumsnetters are the neighbours
I no longer know. nighbynight

Your posts set me straight.
Threads of life interweaving
On the world wide web. frakkinaround

Events surprised us:
Births, deaths, and the rest of it.
Here we can debrief. ZephirineDrouhin

Words that I can't say
To my mother or my love,
Written to strangers. choosyfloosy

Threads of silky speech.
We are spiders. We are flies
In our safety net. Anguis

It takes a village
To raise a child and Mumsnet
To raise a mother. Bumperlicious

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