9 ways to go the extra parenting mile

When Mini Milk asked Mumsnetters to share the times they've gone the extra mile for their kids, stories of epic (in some cases fullblown PFB) parenting came rolling in.

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1. Literally going the extra mile...

"Texting, 'Yes, he can come to the party, thanks for the invite, see you next Saturday' at mile 9 of the London Marathon."


2. Emergency biscuit repair - ER has NOTHING on this


"Glueing the arm onto a gingerbread man with raspberry jam, because the kids didn't like it broken."



3. Lego fondling (not as bad as it sounds)

"I once spent over 30 minutes fondling bags of Lego Simpsons mini-figures in Tesco, trying to find the elusive Chief Wiggum figure that my 8-year-old needed to complete his collection."

4. Going the extra mile. Backwards. 

"Walked backwards with my daughter napping in the hiking backpack, on a beach in the Isle of Wight, so the rain and wind wouldn't hit her straight on the face..."


5. VOLUNTARILY forgoing sleep

"I once stayed up until 3am finishing off a homemade butterfly costume for my daughter for World Book Day. She wanted to be a pink punk butterfly. She was 3."


6. Laughing in the face of fear (while crying in terror on the inside)

"Going on rollercoasters with my daughter at theme parks, even though I really hate them, so she didn't have to go on them on her own."


7. Throwing caution (and dry clothes) to the wind

"I ran down a hill as my son's football rolled quickly towards the river, and without hesitation flung off my trainers and plunged in after it to save the day. I got a round of applause from passers-by and saved the game!"


8. And saying 'yah boo sucks' to embarrassment

"I brought a helium-filled balloon home from a conference for my daughters, taking it on two trains in full business attire, with no carrier bag or box to hide it in - because she loves a good balloon and I love seeing her smile."


9. And finally, knowing what's really precious

"Selling my engagement ring just before Christmas because the kids had wanted and wanted a Nintendo Wii. When I explained we couldn't afford it they had so much faith that Father Christmas would deliver that I just wanted to make it happen."

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