The Great British Bake Off 2015 - the best bits 

Mumsnetters reflect on the highlights of another brilliant series of GBBO

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1. Everyone loved Mary for trying so hard to be encouraging 

"Mary's that mother who makes sure she says something lovely about her children's art, no matter how crap it is."

2. She spoke for all of us when one contestant made a G&T cake


"Amused that Mary wanted more GIN."

3. Hipster Stu's recipes, on the other hand, were too edgy


4. There was SHOCK when Marie forgot to turn her oven on


5. ... And a sharp intake of breath at Tamal's surgical instruments

"The trainee anaesthetist was using a hypodermic to put the syrup in his madeira cake, for god's sake!"

6. To the surprise of no-one, Dorrett's 'art' piece failed to please

"I couldn't understand why she didn't practice at all for the showstopper! She didn't even offer an excuse, it was like she just wasn't arsed."

7. Paul made a lion out of bread. A LION. OUT OF BREAD.

"When I saw Paul's drawing and heard him describe it, I was just waiting to snort at the result - even more so when I saw him put it in the oven. But my god, he created a masterpiece!"

8. Though his fondant sunbather was less... accurate

"No, Paul, no."


9. Ian baffled us all with his (fully functioning) chocolate centrepiece

"I'm trying to think why anyone would want a well as a centrepiece of their party. Maybe a celebration for the opening of a well?"

And then there was the final three...

Tamal - doctor, sandwich lover, inventor of the bread-cycle


"I will be marrying Tamal, and he will bake our wedding cake.""


Anxious Ian, who approaches every bake with military precision

"I like Ian because he doesn't come across very well and I'm like that too!"


And Nadiya, queen of facial expressions and flavour combinations

"I get a tad emotional when Nadiya is baking and does well or badly - she just seems so utterly lovely. If she wins, which I hope she does, I shall be a blubbering mess in the corner." 

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