10 of the funniest stories told by kids

Mumsnetters share the funniest stories their kids have told. Here are 10 of our fave tales of story-telling gone wrong...


1. The heavily-embellished birth story

"My daughter (4) knows she was a water birth. She now tells a highly embellished version of this story about how she swam into this world accompanied by dolphins and mermaids, through pounding waves and glittery starfish and shiny seaweed!"


2. The complete work of fiction

"At my son's first parents' evening last week his teacher kept glancing at my stomach. At the end of our appointment she said that my son had drawn a picture of me, and when she asked him about it he said: 'It's a picture of my mummy and her big tummy. It's big because she has a baby in it. Actually I think there are two babies in it because it is so big. One's a boy and he's going to be called David and the other one is a girl. Mummy wants to call her Penny but Daddy wants to call her Peppa'. I'm not pregnant."


3. The imaginative travelogue

"My children were off school sick at the same time as my sister's children - they all went to the same school. I got summonsed to the head teacher's office and asked why I had taken unauthorised holiday in term time. It turned out that, when asked if he was better, my middle son had told his teacher that he wasn't ill, and that we had all been to India on holiday. He went on to describe where we had been, and what he had seen..."


4. The interesting theory

"My son tells me he doesn't need a coat as he's 'a master of the cold'." 


5. The bestseller

"My youngest made up a story about a dog that thought it was a duck and went on adventures around a farm until eventually he wanted to be a dog again. It was so good we made it into a book that you can still buy on Amazon!"


6. Space Odyssey II


"When asked what Daddy does for a living, my little one told the class that 'he's a space man. He wears a special suit, works in a place where he can't open a window, and he is very high up.' I had, in fact, told her that daddy is an office man, he wears a smart suit, works in a tall building where there's air conditioning, in a senior position."


7. Action adventure story

"My four-year-old keeps telling his friends that I blew up the car after I got a flat while we went into town."


8. The epic adventure

"We were very surprised to read our son's 'what I did on my holidays' piece on the wall in his classroom. Apparently we'd driven to France with our dog and his cousin to go camping. We hadn't been to France (or anywhere abroad), we don't have a dog, and his cousins were all at least 12 years older than pictured..."


9. The classic shark attack tale

"Our son told his class teacher that Nana had been eaten by a shark at the weekend, had to go to hospital where the doctors cut out her stomach and chopped off one of her fingers. Bit different to her falling down the stairs and breaking two of her fingers."


10. The semi-biblical story

"One of the kids I childmind came home from school and told me the teacher was dead. She wasn't, just off sick. When said teacher came back to work the child told me she got better from her dead, and was going to work a bit longer."


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