22 everyday things that are actually REALLY creepy

Forget Halloween masks and scary movies - Mumsnetters share the 'normal' things that completely creep them out. 

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1. "Two or three baked beans sat on a plate."

plate beans


2. "Playfighting between adults"

play fight

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3. "Cheerios or any other type of cereal that has expanded due to absorbing milk/water."


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4. Understairs cupboards

under stairs

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5. "Anything touching eyes, like fingers when putting contact lenses in. I'd rather look shite in glasses than touch eyes."

contact lense

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6. "Anyone chewing on wool, like the cuff of a woolly jumper."

sucking blanket

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7. "Feet hanging off the bottom of the bed. A hand might shoot out from under the bed and grab them."

feet bed

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8. Looking through neighbours' windows

"When I look out of my window at the flat opposite, I can see straight through their living room to a window which lets light in from their garden. When it's sunset, I find this image really unsettling and eery."


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9. Electric blankets

 electric blanket

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10. "Skin floating on top of warm milk."


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11. "Anyone touching my back when I'm eating."

 eating arnie

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12. Kitchen products on display

"Visible bathroom or kitchen products in the window when you pass a random flat or house. Really makes me feel a bit sad and sordid. I have no idea why."

cleaning products

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13. Tall towers

"Really high or big things like tall radio towers or huge statues. They freak me out, but I can't help looking at pictures of them."

spinning tower

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14. "People drinking water from a mug."


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15. "Long nails on men, especially manicured ones."

 family guy nails

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16. "David Walliams is like the world's creepiest mannequin come to life."

david walliams 

Image credit: Now Magazine


17. Submarines

"Submarines terrify me, as do vast expanses of open water. Particularly flying over the sea. It's so creepy - quiet and lonely from above, but deep underneath it's dark and sinister. Bleurgh."


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18. "Crabs. They're like giant shelled crusty spiders."


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19. "Street entertainers that stand like statues"


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20. "Empty 'not in service' buses at night with all the internal lights on - they look like ghost buses."


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21. Goldfish


Image credit: Wiffle GIF

22. The back seat of the car at night

"Getting into a dark, quiet, spooky, cold car. There's a couple of seconds, before the engine starts and you switch the radio on and put your seat belt on and adjust the mirror (on second thoughts, don't adjust the rear view mirror) when anything could be lurking in the back seat. And every bone in your body is telling you hurry up and get moving, because once you get moving, nothing bad can happen."


Image credit: Film District via Tumblr


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