David Bowie: Mumsnetters remember

Mumsnetters mourn the loss of a man whose music - and fearless creativity - touched so many

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He gave us the definitive soundtrack to adolescence

"Changes was the first Bowie song we got slightly tipsy to. Ashes to Ashes for the people I was around at the time. Queen Bitch for the video - those boots."

Even the duff bits were cool

"I remember him best from Labyrinth. My friend and I were only discussing the other day how our children are the right age to be introduced to it."

He defined charisma

"Twenty one years ago I went to an auction at Christies to see some Lowry paintings being sold. A man turned round from the row in front and smiled at me. I looked at him and thought "You look a bit like David Bowie..." I then noticed his eyes were a different colour - it was David Bowie. I was so shocked that I slid down my chair, and when I looked again he was laughing at the reaction he had caused!"

His restless versatility was inspirational

"I loved his creativity and the way his mind worked. He was constantly reinventing himself and his music."

...and he never stopped innovating

"He really didn't 'go gentle' - he made some of his most ground breaking work in his final years."

Truly, one of a kind

"In a business populated by wannabes, poseurs, pretenders and imitators, he was an original. He created and others followed."

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