This abandoned kitten has a new mum, and we're having ALL the feels


Mumsnet's mission is to make parents' lives easier – and now those parents include cats too

Who doesn't love a cute animal story? We've got a purr-fect one courtesy of Mumsnetter SentientCushion. She's currently looking after a foster cat with five three-week-old kittens, but there was a new arrival today.

“This afternoon we got a call saying that a one-week-old kitten had been found abandoned and could we see if our foster cat would accept it,” she explained on the Litter Tray board.

“The answer is… yes she will! She sniffed it and licked it straight away and then let it feed off her. It's still early days but it now has the best chance of survival.”

Aw! But what about the other five babies?

“They were bopping it on the head when it was crying earlier, but now it's had food and gone to sleep they are fine with it,” reassured Sentient.

Ah, siblings.

“I've honestly got so much respect for the mum,” beamed proud cat grandmother Sentient. “She's only a year old herself and she's already had a litter before this one – unfortunately, they were all stillborn. She came to us all skin and bone and was so anxious to keep her babies safe. Over the past couple of weeks, she's learned to trust us and we've learned to trust her. She looks after her babies so well and has such a lovely nature. She's had a horrible life and I'm so pleased we can give her some peace to raise her babies.”


What a star mum that cat is. She looks a bit harried – but we probably would if we were tandem feeding six babies too.

There's just one more thing to take care of…

“I need to come up with six names! Any ideas?”

You heard the lady – pop over to the Litter Tray and provide your suggestions! Need some inspiration? Our baby names pages might just have some ideas for furry felines too.