Childhood memories that still make you smile

Nostalgia - it ain't what it used to be. Mumsnetters share the family moments that still give them the warm fuzzies

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1. Family hols (even drizzly ones) 

family photos 

"My happiest childhood memory is our only family holiday in Northumberland. It rained all the holiday but I remember loving being on the beach in my wellies and jumping in the puddles holding my dad's hand. And I loved taking pictures of my mum and dad on an old polaroid camera and often look back at those pictures now and smile."

2. Special Dad stuff

gift from car 

"On Fridays, my dad finished early from work - he'd walk down the garden and say 'come and see what I've got in the van' and it could be anything. Geese, chickens, stuff that he'd pulled out of a skip, or he'd been to the cash n' carry. Sometimes it was just a bar of chocolate."

3. The grandparents landing for a visit

excited child at window

"I used to love sitting on the window sill in our little bay window waiting for hours for my grandparents to arrive, and being sooooooo excited hoping the next car to appear would be theirs. Eventually they would appear with my grandma waving crazily out of the window (her excitement was clearly on a par with mine and my brother's!) and we would wave back and jump up and down. You can't bottle that feeling."  

4. Parents having ALL the answers

walking dog

"Walking the dog in the evenings with my dad, we would chat about all sorts of things - he seemed to know everything about everything." 

5. Learning to do grown-up shizz

market with mother 

"I used to love going to the market with my mum. She taught me how to choose the best fruit and she was on friendly terms with all the market traders. Now that she's gone, I feel close to her when I do the same with my own children. It's made me smile just thinking about that now." 

6. Planning surprises for the 'other' parent

learning to ride a bike 

"Sunday mornings were always spent with Dad, while Mum had a lie in. He had loads of energy and patience, and secretly taught me to ride my bike so I could surprise Mum. Looking back she probably knew I was learning, but put on a good show off being amazed."

7. Creating crazy adventures out of nothing much

family driving

"Every Sunday my dad would get us in the car and we would just drive. He would ask each of us to point in a direction and we would head there. We would stop when we found something on interest and we found some amazing lakes, farms, cafes and restaurants to stop by for a treat. It was so spontaneous and we just couldn't wait for our adventure with dad!"

8. Eating outside!

family camp fire 

"I used to love the picnics my Mum and Dad used to take my brother and I on, whatever the weather or time of year. We would go for a ride out in the car somewhere nice and park up with the camping stove and have bacon butties and a cup of tea. We used to think it was wonderful." 

9. Magically transforming bits and bobs

curtain clothes

"I used to go to girl guides and one day we were asked to bring in an apron for cooking the following week. My mum made me one from old curtains at home, we did it together and I was so amazed at how easy it was to transform something to be useful again. From then on, we always made something from anything and I do the same now with my kids."  

10. CHOCOLATE (well, of course)

buttons vintage ad

"Going to visit Grandad and Nana on the weekend. Grandad always had a packet of chocolate buttons for me in his cardigan pocket. Trouble was, he'd fall asleep after dinner, and they'd all be melted by the time that I'd get them, so Nana would have another pack for me straight from the fridge."

cadbury buttons

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