"You will definitely stick to your birth plan" and 7 other myths about giving birth

Childbirth: it's all breathing and Rescue Remedy, right? Turns out - not so much. We asked Mumsnetters what were their biggest misconceptions about giving birth before they embarked on it themselves; if you're new to this whole baby lark, the answers may surprise you...


MYTH: You will stick to your birth plan, come hell or high water.

FACT: "Your natural birth with zero pain relief may well fly out the window."

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MYTH: Your carefully planned post-birth outfit will guarantee you'll look great in all the photos.
FACT: "It'll get ripped off and swapped for a baggy t-shirt in minutes."


MYTH: You will naturally get the urge to push when your body's ready.
FACT: "You will certainly get a 'feeling' when fully dilated (if you have not had an epidurual) but blind panic and terror meant that I fought against that (slamming my legs together and refusing to open my thighs)."

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MYTH: Induction will inevitably be terribly painful.
FACT: "I was frightened, and I didn't need to be. An epidural didn't mean I had lost control, it gave me control and dignity. I'd be delighted to have an induction again!"




MYTH: First babies are invariably late.
FACT: "If I could go back to the day before my waters went, I would tell myself to call in sick to work, pack a hospital bag and buy some tiny baby clothes."



MYTH: Once the baby's out, naturally the pain will cease.
FACT: "Oh my god, the afterpains were excruciating and literally debilitating for the first few weeks. Labour paled in comparison. Having birthed a back-to-back baby at home naturally, I took all the drugs under the sun for the first few weeks!"


MYTH: It's of vital importance to prepare a playlist of relaxing music in advance.
FACT: "Turns out I want silence, darkness and to be left alone!"




MYTH: If things don't go according to your birth plan, you'll feel awful.
FACT: "After an induction and ventouse delivery with failed epidural and spinal anaesthetic I didn't give a monkeys. The birth is a process, it's every day after that one that actually matters."

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