From practical to pure luxury: best gifts for new mums

The gifts Mumsnetters would've really appreciated in those first few weeks

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Lovely things to eat and drink

Posh sweet treats - for energy, obvs.

Herbal teas - try soothing camomile, energising ginger or any variety of green tea for a lower caffeine alternative to regular tea or coffee.

Posh ready meals - perhaps a one-off delight from M&S or Waitrose. Or, if you'd like the gift to keep on giving, a regular delivery from a site like Cook, which delivers at regular intervals.


Lotions and potions for some much-needed TLC

Decent hand cream - "my hands were wrecked with washing them after all the nappy changes".

Bath oils/salts - "for relaxation and healing".

Stretch mark cream - Bio Oil or Kamillosan get MNers' recommendation.

Lansinoh cream - if she's breastfeeding, she'll thank you for it. A Mumsnet Best. On which note - a breastpump can come in mighty useful both short- and long-term: the Ardo Calypso is also Mumsnet Best, and you can get £15 off using the code mumsnet15.

Dry shampoo - the equivalent of a trip to Nicky Clarke's salon when you've not washed your hair in weeks.


Really useful things she probably won't have thought of

A portable night light - this will be the gift that keeps on giving... until the child leaves home at 18 and she can finally get a good night's sleep again.

A thermal mug or a nice drinks bottle - "I got really thirsty when breastfeeding but also tended to knock drinks over when trying to find a comfortable position to feed in, so used a sports top bottle a LOT."

Cleaning wipes - "for ease of cleaning up spills in a rush."

Vanish Sensitive Gel - "I never had to throw away a vest, even after daily breastfed baby poonamis."

Muslin squares - a timeless classic (in the world of baby sick).


Some light entertainment (nothing too taxing, mind)


DVDs, a Netflix subscription, books (of short stories), or magazines - "for all the hours feeding if it's her first; second time around, all those hours feeding will be spent trying to entertain the older one(s)!"

A pretty note pad or organiser - "you can write shopping lists before you forget what you actually need, and also write down when and how much the baby feeds. It gets confusing when the midwife wants to know and you don't even know what day it is..."

A Mumsnet book - try the Guide to Babies (you're welcome).


If you can't resist a present for the new arrival... 

A newspaper from the day of birth - by the time they're 18, newspapers might not even exist any more, so a double win.

Infacol - "handy to have in if you find you get a colicky one." 

Sophie the Giraffe - simple, but much loved by Mumsnetters.

Sock Ons - [they keep babies' socks on! They're a Thing!]

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