The best bits of Friends

With news that Friends is set for a reunion, excited Mumsnetters recall their favourite moments of comedy gold

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1. The one with 'unagi'


2. The one with the birth mother (in which Joey outlines his philosophy on food sharing)


3. The one with Ross's tan

4. The one with the jellyfish


5. The one in Barbados


6. The one where no-one's ready (and Joey is going commando)


7. The one without the ski trip (when Ross first utters this immortal line)


8. The one with all the resolutions (and Ross's leather trousers)


9. The one where Ross got high (and Rachel made an English trifle)


10. The one with ALL the wedding dresses

11. The one with the cop (and the unforgettable furniture moving experience)

Most glorious of all - the one with the dance routine

If this has reminded you how truly ace the series was, you can buy the Friends box sets here.

Last updated: over 1 year ago