9 reasons your child is FURIOUS with you

Hell hath no fury like a DC scorned...

Wrestler and presenter 

I don't believe WWE wrestling is unscripted

"My son is fuming with me: he insists the wrestling is real and not made up or staged in any way. He has closed the matter for discussion and will not be engaging with me further on the subject."



She was not allowed a Mimosa. She is three.

"How does she even know what a mimosa is? (She does... this was revealed when I tried to fob her off with orange juice and fizzy water.)"


Sisters fighting

I stopped her sister slapping her in the face

"Next time they can fight it out. How dare I get involved?"


Hamster in wheel


I wouldn't let him jump on a load of old planks filled with sticking out nails...

"...or eat stones/throw lego down the loo/pick up the ball the hamster was merrily rolling around in and throw it/stick his finger up my nose."


Girl riding invisible horse 

I didn't stroke her invisible pony properly


Girl excited about grapes

I wouldn't let him use a carving big boy knife to cut a grape in half...

"...which resulted in him telling me I am not his mum any more and he's going to live somewhere else. He's four, so I am looking forward to the teenage years."


Woman answering door to delivery man on phone holding baby

I answered the door... 

"...and the phone."


Little girl looking shocked

I sat on her imaginary friend and killed her



I'm not in trouble - but my friend is

"My son is furious my friend drank 'his' lemonade. Said friend is already skating on thin ice because she had the wrong pizzas in her freezer last time we were there. We were not staying for dinner, so I've no idea why it mattered."


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