9 reasons to reclaim the internet

'Reclaim The Internet' is a cross-party campaign which aims to stamp out misogynist online abuse. Here are just a few, Mumsnet-related reasons to support it

1. Because people are still trying to shut women up by telling them they're ugly 

Ugly tweet

Eye roll

2. Because apparently you can't have breasts and opinions at the same time

Commons tweet


3. Because of course wanting to feed your children makes you the same as Hitler

Nipple nazi

Confused face

4. Because people say things like this about MNersRape thread

5. Because guys, semen is not supposed to be weaponised


6. Because Fathers4Justice sent their pants to our offices

(no, us neither)


7. Because some people will take down entire websites because a lady said something they didn't like


"We have seen a lot of anti-father hate written by Mumsnet members, so we decided to launch an attack" - 'Dadsec'

8. ...and also make their point in more dangerous and frightening ways

Telegraph headline

9. And because, when Demos monitored UK tweets for three weeks, they counted 10,000 aggressive tweets containing the word 'slut' or 'whore' targeting 6,500 individuals. It's time, people...

Reclaim logo

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Last updated: 5 months ago