Life's biggest little disappointments: the top 21

A wise person once said that it's the small things that bring joy to a life; however, as Mumsnetters have found, it's also the small things that have the power to plunge one into a pit of frustration, anger and despair. 


1. "Today I had a Krispy Kreme donut for the first time. Bleurgh. £1.25 of mediocre-ness. I thought it would be a little slice of heaven."


2. "Lukewarm baths when you know that no amount of adding hot water will make it hot enough.

retro bath

3. "When you get out the shower and realise you didn't quite rinse all the conditioner out."

crying in shower

4. "When you have been waiting all day for a decent cuppa....and you forgot to get the milk on the way home. And it's raining outside."

Dawson crying


5. "Buying clothing or shoes that look awesome in the shop, but look crap as soon as you try it on at home."

uggliest effing skirt

6. "Singing along to a good tune in the car and the DJ cuts it off short and talks all over it."

chris evans


7. "Looking forward to a magic time with a good friend and they say is it ok if Sarah comes. Fuck off, Sarah. "



8. "Bread ripping in the middle whilst trying to spread with too hard butter."

benedict butter

9. "Fried eggs with hard yolks."

unhappy egg

10. "Snuggling on the settee in your PJs on a cold winter night only to discover the remote control is at the far side of the room."

cat remote

11. "Thinking you have one more crisp left in the packet, reaching for the last one and discovering you already ate it and there are NO MORE."

 sad baby


12. "New Year's Eve. Never as fun as you expect it to be."

expectations vs reality

13. "The wi-fi losing signal. Again. And again." 

wifi signal


14. "Settling down with the Saturday papers to find a section missing."

angry man newspaper

15. "Drizzle. Either rain or don't, but this constant light misting is tiresome."


16. "Waking up thinking it's Sunday and it's Monday."

snape this displeases me 

17. "The Sex and the City movies."

Sex and the City

18. "When you leave a cup of tea with the last inch in it and somebody 'helpfully' clears it away. The helpful bastards, I love that last inch."

gordon throwing plates

19. "Seeing a photograph of yourself caught off guard and realising, actually, you're not getting away with that extra stone."

bridget jones

20. "Going to bed & realising you stripped sheets earlier."



21. "Fruit Tea. All flavours. Without exception. 'Oooh Raspberry and Vanilla? Smells lovely, yes please!'... Aaaand it tastes like dishwater."

benedict tea




Last updated: about 3 years ago