19 ways to nail that 'polished' look

Yes, there are far more important things in life, but one of the most frequently asked questions on our Style and beauty boards is the issue of how to look polished. And when one Mumsnetter asks, others will answer her call...


Give your barnet a boost


1. "Regular trims will stop your hair looking ratty."


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2. "Fight the flyaway ends by perfecting a really good 'updo', if your hair isn’t too short."

kate middleton

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3. "If I put big Velcro rollers in my hair, I look a million dollars." NB: curlers must be removed before million-dollar moment!

rollers dog 

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4. "I once overheard someone say that she aimed for good hair and nice shoes, and hoped nobody would notice what was going on in between."


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Quick beauty fixes


5. "If you haven't got the time for a strict beauty regime every evening, do one thing in front of the telly every night, like a manicure or face pack."

face mask

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6. "I am by no means polished - but since I discovered mineral makeup, I feel as if it's much more within my reach."


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7. "Don't put your foundation on straight after moisturising. Leave the moisturiser to dry for about 10 minutes first, and your make-up won't slide off."


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8. "Neat eyebrows are everything! I have mine threaded every few weeks."

breaking bad

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Make the most of your threads 


9. "A lot of people don't bother ironing clothes, which is fine - but the freshly-pressed look does help."

joseph gordon levitt

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10. "Polish your shoes to keep them in good condition, and keep your clothes free of cat hair and fluff."


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11. "Pick up a classic wool coat in the sale - if you invest in a good one, it'll last for years. Finish the look with a decent leather bag."

classic coat

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12. "Lob on a statement necklace or a nice pair of earrings to smarten up any outfit."

liz taylor

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13. "Avoid garish colours and crazy fashion fads."

ugly betty 

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14. "Work out whether silver or gold jewellery suits you better, and stick to wearing the one that makes your skin glow."

mr t

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15. "Go through your wardrobe and chuck out the rotten old baggy stuff, and anything that no longer fits or suits you. Be ruthless!"

britney spears

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16. "I knew two very well-groomed women who both admitted to buying clothes too big, and getting them taken in by dressmakers so they fitted perfectly."

cat sewing

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17. "Invest in a pair of well-fitting jeans – a saggy bum will ruin any look."

money supermarket 

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And most importantly:

18. "I think self confidence and feeling good about yourself is the key."


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But beware...

19. "There is such a thing as overly-polished. The various Real Housewives are instructive here."

real housewives

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