17 things that make you disproportionately happy

Sometimes it's the little things that make us really happy. Mumsnetters share the things that make their day 

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1. "Someone making me a cup of tea or a meal. I live alone so it happens once in a blue moon!"

cup of tea

2. "My dog makes me stupidly happy. I picked him up from the groomers today and he leapt into my arms. He was so happy he was making 'laughing' sounds."

happy dog

3. "In one of the houses behind us there's a lady with a toddler, and she sometimes sings to him when she puts him down for his afternoon nap. I love hearing it."

napping toddler

4. "Being at the beach."

women on beach

5. "Spotting sausage dogs. If I see one it makes my day."

sausage dog

6. "Opening the freezer to find it packed full of meals and things that I've made and frozen. It makes me feel so on top of things."

full freezer

7. "A great song on the radio. There are certain ones that take me back to a happy time and if they come on when I'm driving I can't help but smile and sing along."

singing in the car

8. "Finding spelling and grammatical errors on menus."


9. "Cherry blossom."

cherry blossom

10. "Seeing my children eat all their tea."

child eating

11. "Being the first one to get into bed when you've changed the sheets."

clean sheets on bed

12. "I love meeting cats when you're out and don't expect it. Especially when they are really friendly cats..."


13. "Settling down with the newest book from my very favourite author, knowing that the hours spent reading are going to be top quality time spent."

woman reading book

14. "A friend of mine has glorious ginger hair, I spotted her the other day walking along a street and her hair caught a bolt of sunlight that made her look like something that poets would write about."

red head

15. "Sitting outside my favourite pub with a glass of wine."

woman drinking wine

16. "Buttoning up my clean baby after a bath in a lovely fresh sleepsuit."

sleepy baby

17. "I spent years working in a corporate job I hated to pay the bills and now I'm out of there I take great joy in dyeing my hair bright colours. It's currently electric blue."

blue hair

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