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17 things that annoy you for absolutely no reason

Sometimes it's the most mundane things that drive you into an absolute frenzy, as Mumsnetters are all too aware. Yes, we ARE being unreasonable.


1. "Adults sneezing."

sneezing gif

2. "High-fucking-fives."

chandler high five

3. "People who beep a goodbye as they drive off."


4. "People who try to use an accent to pronounce international foods to show everyone they're sooo foodie. No one says hot dog 'hawt daaawg', do they?!"

ab fab

5. "Self service checkouts."

bagging area

6. "Commuters who walk along the road either reading a book, or fiddling with their phone and not bloody well watching where they're going..."

pay attention when walking sign

7. "'Bye bye bye bye bye bye byeeeeeeeeee.' Just. hang. up."

phone call

8. "Women who spend AGES in a toilet cubicle. What the hell do you do in there?"

mean girls lunch toilet

9. "Game requests on Facebook."

candy crush requests

10. "The way DH holds a fork... It makes me want to reach across the table and stick it in his eye."

fork stab

11. "Commuters parking in my street. It's free parking, so they have every right. But it's so busy I can't park my own car on my street... Where I actually live!"


12. "That person on the bus that's on the phone the entire journey, having an EARBLEEDINGLY loud conversation. Instant rage."

snape silence

13. "People who take AGES using a cashpoint – WTF are you doing? Put in your pin, decide how much you want, get it and go!"

cash point

14. "People who sing to themselves because they're frightened of silence."

bridget jones all by myself gif

15. "People who go around in groups and take over the whole pavement."

pavement hogging

16. "People who say 'literally' when they mean 'figuratively'."


17. "People who blow on their drink before they take a sip. Why? What earthly difference does it make?"




Last updated: over 3 years ago