Little things you can do to save lots of pennies

Are you trying to be thriftier? These money-saving tips from Mumsnetters ought to come in useful

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Get resourceful in the kitchen

"Only shop for food when there's nothing left. This means getting really creative with dinner."

"Save the bits you cut off vegetables - broccoli stalks for example - and make into a veg soup when there's enough."

"Grate hardened cheese into sauces rather than throwing it away."

"Make 'mash' using baked potatoes then save the baked skins for another day. Pop them back in the oven and cover with cheese."

"Leave the oven doors open after use to warm up the kitchen."

Make do and mend

"Squash the cardboard inside the loo roll, so it's harder to unravel - that way children use far less of it."

"Cut open tubes of toothpaste, make-up etc to scrape the bits inside out."

"Break dishwasher tablets in half if it's not a particularly dirty wash." (this works! - ed)

"Water down all washing-up liquids and fabric conditioners."

"Grate Lush bath bombs into little containers and use a small amount per bath."

Don't be afraid to lie to your family 

"My son, who is 19, is drinking 'organic' hot choc. Little does he know it ran out ages ago and has been refilled with a much cheaper option, which he 'doesn't like'."

"I have fancy handwash bottles in my bathroom and kitchen that I refill with the corresponding colour or scented cheapo bubble bath. Seeing my mum coming out of the bathroom and snootily sniffing her hands going 'You're just like me. Only the best will do...' made me very happy."


Be prepared

"In the winter, I diligently check the weather online each night to decide what temperature the central heating will come on at in the morning, if I allow it to come on at all. 8 degrees overnight tonight, so no heating required tomorrow morning. Last year, we spent a shedload on gas. Last month's gas bill was half that of December 2012 - take that British Gas!"

"Xmas shopping starts now in the sales. This saves me hundreds!"

Use your face

"Ignore sell-by dates on food. That's what your nose is for" 

(MN cannot guarantee the safety of anyone who adopts this technique - least of all man pictured above.)

Pool your resources

"I share the bath with my husband. Free exercise AND saving water!"  

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