14 ways to make life hell for a sibling

WARNING: do not show your children

Most parents hope for harmony between their offspring - but were all Mumsnetters so angelic with their own brothers and sisters when they were nippers?  No, they were not.

1) "I used to rip the eyes out of my sister's Simon Le Bon posters."

Simon Le Bon poster


2) "My bedroom was directly opposite the bathroom. I used to hear my brother coming down the landing to go to the toilet. I used to run into the bathroom just before he got to the door, lock it, then sit in the bathroom doing nothing while laughing at him through the door.

I did it about five times a day - for around eight years."



3) "Being the younger sibling, I got the bottom bunk when my sister and I used to share a room. I'd stick my legs up and push her mattress up as high as I could when she was trying to get to sleep.

Every. Single. Night."


4) "I'd repeat everything they say in a whiney voice." 

Paul McCartney funny gif
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5) "I found a love letter from my brother to his girlfriend (early high school years - they would have been 12-ish) and read it out on the school bus."

teen love letter
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6) "I once made my brother eat a whole packet of horseradish sauce by saying if he did it I would 'give him a 20'. I then handed him 20p - he was not amused."

Horseradish sauce


7) "This: I know a song that'll get on your nerves
Get on your nerves
Get on your nerves
I know a song that'll get on your nerves
Get, get, get on your nerves.

And repeat..."

I know a song…



8) "My brother and I ganged up on my poor younger sister. We used to take all her stuffed animals, put them in giant ziplock bags, fill them with water and put them in the freezer."


9) "My older brother used to hang me over the banister by the ankles."



10) "I made two siblings believe they were adopted. One I told he was found behind a skip and he was ginger because people would throw Wotsits in the bin and they covered him."



11) "I found my brother's condom stash and showed my mum where it was. I was the sister from hell."

Cruella Devil evil laugh
Image credit: 101 Dalmatians/Disney/via tumblr.com


12) "My sister and her friend gave me a 'mud pack beauty treatment' which consisted of covering my head in a mix of soil from the garden and water."

little girl mud

13) "I told my sister that she was born with a (short) tail, showing her pictures from a medical book to prove that this was possible.

I told her that it had to be removed surgically just after she was born and that it meant she was more closely related to monkeys than the rest of the family who were more like apes, and therefore more clever."

Monkey funny
Image credit: tumblr.com


14) "My brother and I used to tell our sister that cakes were poisonous to anyone under seven, and then take hers."

Poison cake


So it seems most of us don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to discouraging sibling in-fighting. Still, it's all character-building right? RIGHT?


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