13 quotes from children wise beyond their years

AdvertisementMumsnetters share their evidence that inside every child is a tiny old person, desperate to get out 

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1. "My son told his brother, 'Yes, it's very easy to be sorry afterwards but you need to think more'. He's seven and his brother is 17."

2. "Son (five) to daughter (two): 'I knew you were going to do that, because I can read your tiny little mind.'"

3. "'Focus, Mummy!' From a four-year-old..."

4. "My little boy was sitting in his high chair when I asked him to pass me something. I said thank you, and his response was, 'It's all part of the service'."

5. "Seven-year-old son, about a squeaky door in a shop: 'That needs some WD40'."

6. "A neighbour's seven-year-old child told me a few days ago that Jeremy Corbyn was 'like a breath of fresh air' for the Labour party!"

7. "When I confiscated my seven-year-old son's Nintendo, he declared that I could take away his toys - but I could never take away his imagination."

8. "My three-year-old was sitting at his little table one morning and tapped the end of the table, pointed at the opposite chair and said, 'Sit down, Mommy. We need to have a little chit-chat.'"

9. "My son once said after a long week at school, 'I can't wait to retire - this is a hard life.'"

10. "My friend asked my son if he enjoyed watching Ice Age. He replied very seriously that he did, 'but I felt it was more than mild peril'."

11. "Daughter declared, 'I've been up half the night. Don't speak to me until I have had my coffee!' She is nine (it's decaf)."

12. "I put my son's Sunday roast down in front of him today and he casually said, 'Thanks love'."

13. "My son told me yesterday that he was no longer on his top table for Maths, and that there must have been a 'grave misunderstanding' about his abilities."

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