11 things to do with a tin of condensed milk

Mumsnetter + tin of condensed milk + internet access = "Other than stick my hand into the tin and eat the stuff like Winnie the Pooh eats his honey, what other great things can I do with it?" Here's what the hive mind came up with...


1. First, a clutch of sensible suggestions. You could make fifteens... 

2. ...or millionaire's shortbread...millionaire's shortbread

3. ...or try our simple fudge recipe.

4. Along those lines, you might consider making 'an arse of a tablet' (thanks for that one, YouStayClassySanDiego)

5. Another idea would be to bake delicious flapjacks

6. Or some no-churn white chocolate and crystalised ginger ice cream (we can see a no-nonsense theme appearing here)
ice cream

7. Heat it with some butter and brown sugar to make an easy caramel sauce for drizzling over ice cream...
caramel sauce and ice cream

8. Or alternatively, make an indulgent lemon dessert with raspberries
lemon dessert

9. Of course you could just 'put it on toast and scoff the lot'...

10. Or open the tin and get yourself a spoon (according to boofted, plastic spoons are best for eating straight from a tin)
condensed milk


11. And if you're still at a loss, you could always...




Last updated: about 3 years ago