11 questions that same-sex parents hear ALL the time

We asked Mumsnetters who are also same-sex parents to share their most-asked questions and least-loved prejudices about same-sex parenting. Tip: if you want to look like you have a brain, avoid asking the following.


1. "Who's mum and who's dad?"



2. "How did you decide which one of you was going to give birth?"



3. "Who's having the next one?"



4. "Who's the donor?" 



5. "Do your kids get bullied at school?"


6. "How much did it cost?"


7. "Do you find it difficult to be their mum when they're not biologically yours?"



8. "What does their school think about it?"


9. "Who's going to teach him to shave?!"


10. "Do you still manage to get family discounts because you're... you know... two women?"


And the best of them all...


11. "Will you bring your child up to be gay?"...

One Mumsnetter has suggested an apt response: "We're actually planning on raising it as a Jedi."


Happy Pride Week, one and all!




Last updated: over 2 years ago