10 things that set you off post-baby

Overdeveloped sense of empathy since giving birth? Welcome to our world

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1. The Jamaican bobsled team


"The end of the film Cool Runnings - when they crash but then pick the sled up and walk it over the finish line and everyone claps them. Gets me every time."

2. Astronauts

"Talking to my son about people going to space. I'm welling up right now."

3. Penguins

"Anything involving penguins - the British Gas advert, nature documentaries. I used to be well hard but the penguin thing started during pregnancy and never stopped."

4. Bagpipes

"I always cry at bagpipes because I'm Scottish and I love my homeland."

5. S Club 7. Damn you, teenyboppers!

"I had a teary moment at a baby group recently when they played Reach by S Club 7."

6. Gogglebox

"I cry at Gogglebox every week. It's something to do with knowing there are all these little families up and down the country, sharing the same experiences and living their lives together."

7. Gay Pride

"I cry all the way through Pride parades. I'm tearing up now thinking of it. It's the people marching with their colleagues and friends and showing solidarity that does it, I think."

8. And let's not even start on Children in Need...

"My family no longer let me watch children in need or Red Nose Day because I sob from start to finish."

9. *That* bit in Up

"The beginning of Up where the couple lose their baby, are told they can't have any more, and then get old together. If I'm not crying by that point, then I am when the lady dies."

10. A man and his dog

"Having driven the same route to work for many years I'd seen this chap out walking his dog from when it was very young. I saw the dog get older and older and slower and slower, until one morning I saw just the chap alone. I had a cry on the way to work that morning."

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