10 thoughtful gestures guaranteed to warm your heart

We asked MNers to tell us about the lovely things their friends and family have done for them, and they did not disappoint <wipes away a tear>

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"If my husband gets up before me, he'll fill the kettle and have a teabag in my mug ready to go. He makes sure my bicycle tyres are always fully inflated. He'll always bathe the kids as I hate it. Small thoughtful gestures can go a lot further than a big one."

"My husband works away in the armed forces and drives hours to come home every weekend, no matter what. Spending so much time travelling just to spend a few hours with his family shows me how much he values us."  

"I had a difficult year and at my belated birthday party, one friend brought me a journal that she'd written lots of lovely quotes in. Then she went round at the party and got everyone else to write in it too. It was such a thoughtful and caring gift - everything she wrote was aimed at building me up and making me feel better about myself."


"My husband started a new job. One day he came home with a beautiful and frivolous scarf for me - his gifts are generally on the more practical side! He wanted to say thanks for keeping things going at home while he settled into his new job."

"My ex came round at 10 o'clock last night to get rid of a spider I had trapped under a bowl. How lovely was that!"

"I got up for the school run and found my husband had loaded up the coffee machine before running for his train, knowing it wouldn't brew in time for him to have any." 

"When we were students on opposite sides of the country, my boyfriend ordered me a kilo of really nice bacon for no reason. It arrived in the post and I had bacon sandwiches for two meals a day for a week. It was wonderful."

"Last weekend my children brought me tea and toast in bed as I said I was tired the night before. Sometimes they bring me Coco Pops and coffee which is even better!"

"My youngest son gave me a homemade card with 'Thank you for everything' on it. I was fed up of the daily grind and it cheered me up so much."

"We had our first child and were both shattered from the birth. My husband stayed with me all day and evening at the hospital and then went home, put fresh bedding on and fresh flowers in our bedroom, cleaned the whole house from top to bottom, did the food shop, and came back to the hospital in the morning to collect me. It was such a lovely feeling coming home to a clean house and lovely fresh bed to get into."

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