10 reasons to get a dog

Some say a house isn't a home without a dog; whatever you think, these Mumsnetters have built a pretty convincing case for welcoming a pooch into your family

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1. "To teach the children about taking care of others."

2. "For a 'reason' to go out - especially when the kids are happy inside on devices."

3. "To offer a rescue dog a happy 'forever home'."

4. "Dogs are a conversation starter wherever you go."

5. "Because if you pop out for ten minutes, you will be greeted upon your return as if you have been away for weeks!"

6. "Our dog is the one thing everyone in our family can agree on."

7. "They always know when there's something wrong."

8. "The LOVE! The love is enough of a reason."

9. "They are better than people."

dog party hat

10. "Because if you put a smear of peanut butter along your dog's top lip..."

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