10 of the nicest things other people have told you

Sometimes people do say the loveliest things: Mumsnetters share the kind words that really meant a lot

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1. That you've been helpful to others 

"I changed jobs recently after being at the old place for seven years. I was talking to one of my colleagues about how I needed to toughen up as a manager in the new place and not try to be everyone's friend. She said, 'Don't change - it's who you are that makes it such a pleasure to work for you'. It was so nice; I had been trying not to doubt myself so much, and it really helped me going into the new job."

2. That you're beautiful 

"A friend of mine had been away for a month or so. On seeing me, she put her hands on my shoulders, peered at me and said 'Gosh, when I don't see you for a while, I forget how beautiful you are.' When it's not from a bloke or your mother, it seems more genuine somehow!"

3. That you've done something amazing

"My mother-in-law died when our daughter was six months old. She had been very very sick with cancer, and wasn't really talking or able to engage. She saw my husband with our daughter and said, 'She's so beautiful.' It was like she had just a tiny bit of strength left and used it to tell us. I miss her a lot."

4. That you're perfect just as you are

"My husband said 'You are literally the most beautiful thing I have ever seen' last night. After bearing three children (the youngest being five weeks) and looking like an old hag really, it was lovely to hear!"

5. That you mean the world to someone

"My husband wrote in a birthday card, 'You make my life worth living.' Which is a bit scary if taken literally, but my husband is foreign so I assume he means I am nice to be around! It made me so happy I pinned it to the fridge."

6. That you're an inspiration

"A young woman I was mentoring at work told me she wants to be me when she grows up. She said when things are tough she always asks herself what I would do in that situation!"

7. That you're doing okay at this parenting thing

"My stepdaughter told me that she wished my partner and I would get married, because then we'd all have the same name and I would 'properly be her stepmummy, but not an evil one like in Cinderella.' That made my heart melt and made me realise I must be doing something right."

8. That you've changed someone's life

"I once taught in the most awful place. I'd cry every day and was petrified of the management. I adored my class but mustered up the courage to leave. On my last day, a little girl gave me a handwritten note that said I 'woz da best techur eva'. She couldn't even write her name when I started teaching her. I carry it in my purse every day." 

9. That you're as lovely as a...

"My favourite was my son, aged five, who said, 'Mum, you're as lovely as a... Mum, what's the loveliest thing you can think of?' I told him, 'It’s up to you - what's the loveliest thing you can think of?' After a long thoughtful silence, he said: 'A hamster! You're as lovely as a hamster.'"

10. Don't forget to pay it forward

"At a baby group I got chatting to a mum who had had exactly the same problems with birth and establishing feeding that I'd had years ago with my eldest child. I said that when you see little children running around you can't tell which was breast or bottlefed; the important thing is that they are fed. I bumped into her several months later and she told me I'd got her through her postnatal depression because she held on to that idea."

"During a hospital stay this week, a trainee nurse showed real kindness to an elderly patient, who had been quite difficult earlier to some of the other nurses. I was in bed opposite, and when she finished I told her that she was great at her job, and that a little kindness goes a long way. She had tears in her eyes, and said it was the nicest thing ever said to her."

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