10 gobsmacking things people have ACTUALLY said

Ever had a moment where you think 'Did you really just say that to me?' These Mumsnetters have. Prepare to have your flabber well and truly gasted

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1. "I have these hideous flowering plants in my garden; so loud and garish. They really lower the tone. I've dug them up: I think they'll be a better fit in your garden!"

2. "My dad, gazing at me when I was a small child: 'Aye, yer a lovely lassie. Yer no a bonny lassie, and that's a shame, but yer nice.'"

3. "When my now-husband and I told his mother we were engaged, the first words out of her mouth were, 'Oh no!'"

4. "A friend, talking about my boyfriend at the time: 'Isn't it funny, you going out with him, when he's been in love with me for so many years!'"

5. "From a male colleague: 'The main problem with your hair is its colour.' We had not been discussing hair earlier - or, in fact, ever."

6. "Sister-in-law to me, when we went round for lunch: 'Sometimes it makes me quite sad just how average your life is.' I was lost for words."

7. "On my wedding day, seeing me in my dress, my mother-in-law greeted me with 'Oh, you're wearing white...'"

8. "A mum in the playground, when I was pregnant: 'I think you're having a girl because your skin's got really spotty.'"

9. "On a night out years ago, a lad said to me 'I'd fancy you if you lost a stone.' I replied, with a perfect head-tilt, 'I'd fancy you, if you weren't so fucking ugly'. I still see him now - he's old, bald, and pretends he doesn't know me."

10. "My father once told me I had 'strangler's hands', so that was nice."

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