Mumsnet Talk - the highlights, best bits and funny stuff

aibu mugAh, the wonderful world of Mumsnet. Where discussions about the capricious antics of toddlers stand cheek-by-jowl with threads retelling hair-raising goings-on behind bedroom doors. Here are some of our favourite contributions to the Mumsnet Talk boards that you may have missed or are looking to enjoy all over again.


woman giving son piggyback

The good and challenging bits of sailing through the rocky seas of parenting. Key thing is – you're not alone.

Kids, eh?

little boy with hand over his mouth

When they're not throwing their weight around a supermarket like a crazy tiny person, or smearing bodily fluids all over you – they can be genuinely funny. We love 'em really.

Hacks & tips

woman happy in sunflower field

Knowledge is power – and we've got what it takes for you to win at life. Check out these tips and tricks from other Mumsnetters.


dog in rollers

When life gives you lemons, scrap the lemonade and instead take comfort in Mumsnetters' embarrassing, annoying and also happy moments. 


woman reading book

Love nothing better than getting your nose into a new book? Or perhaps you'd rather plug in some headphones, or plonk yourself down in front of a film? Well, we've got it covered. 


food with fork

Whether you're a domestic goddess or like your meals super-quick and easy – we've got the recipes and kitchen hacks that you need in your arsenal. 

Mum stuff

woman playing with child

From the utterly wrong things to say to someone who's just had a baby, to childbirth LOLs (yes, really).


scene from film when harry met sally

The good times, the bad times and the times when LTB is the only option. It's the Mumsnet guide to other halves – for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer.


jackie magazine cover

Jackie magazine, chocolate mice, Famous Five, having only three TV channels and never wearing a seatbelt. Ah the good old days… 


service station sign

Mumsnetty bits and bobs – featuring everything from how to throw a Frozen party to family-friendly stops on the motorway.

Bloggers' bits

woman at laptop

The Mumsnet bloggers network write original and inspiring pieces on a wide breadth of topics – parental, political and everything in between. Check out their latest posts.


woman thinking

Some highly accurate and dangerously fun quizzes to fill a dull moment and answer life's big questions.