Moments your partner's parenting made you smile

Father's Day should be so much more than novelty socks and naff jokes about beer, because fathers are so much more than that. Here, Mumsnetters reflect on the things that make dads so special

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1. When he takes them off on exciting adventures

Family hiking

"I love watching my husband setting out on an adventure with the kids and the dog. Last weekend they climbed a mountain (local hill), swung on rope swings in the woods and came home muddy and happy."

2. When he gets them thinking

Dad and kids looking at book

"Our children are older and so I really like seeing them engaged in some conversation or debate where they have a shared interest (Game of Thrones, or Space anyone?) and where I am not involved. I like the fact that we have created people who have opinions and make arguments and have interests and suggest things for us to see and enjoy."

3. When he shares the things he loves with them

Dad teaching son to cycle

"My husband is a big cyclist, and he was so excited when our son was big enough to sit in his bike seat for the first time and try on his little helmet. I know he is planning lots of adventures this summer."

4. When he protects them from nasties

Dad protecting daughter

"When my youngest gets my husband to set up spider barriers at night, so none can get to her in her bed."

5. When he makes them laugh like no-one else can

Father tickling daughter

"My husband tickles our son when he puts him to bed, making him do this high-pitched squealing kind of laugh. It cracks me up every time - he never, ever laughs like that apart from bedtime when his dad is home. I love hearing it - it makes me want to smile, laugh and cry all at once."

6. When he gets the silly voices just perfect

James McAvoy telling bedtime story

"When my husband is playing with our daughter and doing all the voices for her teddies it makes my heart melt! He'll happily do silly squeaky voices for ages and have the silliest conversations with her through her teddies."

7. When he goes the extra mile to brighten up their mornings

"My husband always makes the kids smile by making them toast that looks like a Disney character. They never know what they will have until they come down for breakfast. It's just something special between them, and I love seeing the excitement in their faces."

8. When he steps firmly beyond his comfort zone in the name of parenting

Dad and daughter dancing

"Every Saturday my partner spends a couple of hours with my daughters doing whatever they choose, which is usually making beaded jewellery. It makes me smile to watch this 6ft 3 man sitting patiently putting beads onto elastic and making bracelets. I sometimes stand around the corner to watch. He really gives it 100%."

9. When he's the go-to for hugs 

Mulan hugging father

"My daughter still hugs her dad when he gets home from work. She might be growing up but she's not too big for cuddles. I don't think she ever will be."

10. When he makes time, no matter what

Father putting daughter to bed

"My husband works from home and takes his lunch break every day at our daughter's bedtime because he wants to put her to bed, give her cuddles and read her bedtime book. The house is full of laughter and chatter during this time, and it never fails to make me smile that they have that special time together every day, no matter what else is going on."

11. When he shows he'll always be there for them

Family group hug

"When I see my ex-husband walking arm-in-arm on the beach with our two daughters and his new partner, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I'm so happy that he has a bond with our daughters that was strong enough to survive our separation and his admission of his sexuality. When I see them all together I have a huge 'ahhh' moment as I love them all."

12. When he's a super dad - literally

Father and son dressed as superheros

"I love playing in the garden with my gorgeous husband and our two new adopted daughters, who have been with us for just under a year. When we get to the end of a particularly enthusiastic round of skipping, my youngest daughter steps out from the ropes, and announces, 'I love you Daddy, you are Batman.'"

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