Saving money for your children, made simple

mum and child discuss money

Twelve pounds for university, a hundred pounds for a dream house… If only these children were right, the prospect of saving for their future might be slightly less daunting. But don't panic: small actions add up, and starting to save sooner rather than later means a weight off your mind. We've teamed up with Moneybox to find out how an app can make saving a whole lot simpler.

What do kids know about money?

We asked these children how much they considered to be A LOT of money. Let's just say it's a good thing the parents are in charge. Our vloggers face up to financing their children's future, and get to grips with how a Junior ISA and the Moneybox app could help.

A Junior ISA is a simple, tax-free way to save and invest for your children's future. With the Moneybox app, you can add to it little and often by rounding up your everyday purchases to the nearest pound and investing the spare change. Find out more about Moneybox.

Moneybox app review

Curious about how Moneybox could help you save for your children? We asked our vloggers to trial the app. Find out how they got on in the video below.

With thanks to our Mumsnet influencers: Chloe from Sorry About The Mess, Heledd from Running in Lavender, Sonia from Mummy Constant, and Gilly from Gilly London Girl.

As with all investing, capital is at risk

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