42 cheap buys that will immeasurably improve your life 

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Cheap and cheerful kitchen timesavers


1. Egg poaching bags
"Perfect poached eggs with no faff. Makes my breakfast much happier!"

2. Reusable ice cubes
"No more warm or watery drinks and I don't have to use a sledgehammer every time I want a cold beverage can also put them in beer."

3. Scrudle
"Gets leftovers out of my big slow cooker much quicker and more effectively than a ladle."

4. Ice cream scoop
"No more bent spoons."

5. Slow cooker
"Healthier, tastier, and cheaper meals."

6. Kitchen tongs
"To think I used to fumble around with two forks."

7. Disposable oven trays
"I batch cook and dump the tray, so some evenings I am both cooking and washing-up free."

8. Cafe type sugar dispenser
"No more messy sugar bowls."

9. Jumbo sized bottle of Fairy Liquid
"I'm pathetically impressed by its longevity!"

10. Microfibre cloths
"So much a part of my life!"


Bath and beauty bargains

11. Shampoo bars from Lush
"I was getting through a small fortune in haircare products but this little £5 bar, that I had no faith in at all, has been going for a month now and looks barely touched."

12. Epistick epilator tool 
"Really good for a very quick, low pain bit of maintenance. Super cheap too."

13. Tan wipes
"Saves time on bronzer in the morning."

14. Toothpaste tube holders
Get every last blob of toothpaste out.

15. Eye masks
"I am no longer disturbed by various lights going on."

16. Towel turban
Wrap up your hair for a couple of quid.


Frugal fashion fixes


17. Memory foam insoles
"They have made my cheap wellies a billion times more wearable."

18. Micro Stitch
"Attach it to your bra straps and it holds camisoles in place."

19. Thinsulate beanie
"Goes under my bike helmet and keeps me warm all winter."

20. Fleece-lined tights
"Have made winters bearable, even in the very north of Scotland." 

21. Shoe horn
"I no longer have to listen to DH swearing to himself as he puts his work shoes on. I think it's improved his life a bit as well."


(Save) money laundering!


22. Sheet grippers
"No more waking up in the night tangled in the sheet."

23. Foldable laundry crate 
"I've had mine over 20 years - probably the best £2.99 I ever spent."

24. Pant/sock hanger
"Bought from 99p shop in 1993 and it's still going strong."

25. Washing net
Separate clothes in the machine or pop a colour catcher in the bag.


Travel cheapies

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26. Audiobooks
"Will revolutionise long journeys with small children."

27. A parking ticket holder 
"Bought after a very windy day when my ticket would not stay put - every time I shut the car door the ticket blew on to the floor."

28. Kindle
"Not super-cheap but has made my journey to work and back a zillion times more bearable."

29. Travel mug
"Saves me more than it cost."




Modern miracles 

The IT Crowd

30. Now TV and Netflix
"We don't get to go out much in the evenings so we get a lot of use for the money."

31. Amazon Prime
"Saves me a fortune on deliveries and means I can get things fast."

32. WhatsApp
"Great for keeping in touch with family, now I live miles away." 


Simple solutionsIkea, duh 

33. IKEA bags
"Make splendid trolley liners, then straight into the car boot."

34. Trolley coin on a keyring

35. 12 ballpoint pens from the pound shop
"No scrabbling about trying to find a writing implement (and not having to resort to a stubby pencil or purple crayon)."

36. Ear plugs 

37. Kindle beanbag
"Makes reading no-hands in bed so much easier."

Worth their weight in gold


38. Halogen heater
"I put it on in the morning to warm up our freezing cold bathroom. It makes it lovely and toasty in 10 mins."

39. Hot water bottle
"Has improved my happiness by about five percentage points."

40. Cafe grub 
"£5 or so spent in the cafe every couple of weeks - it's one of the few things that my teen daughter consents to do with DP and I, and it means we actually get a little chat with her!"

41. A cat
"£20 from a rescue centre a decade ago and she's loved me ferociously every day since. Seriously the best money ever spent."

42. A pint
"Over 20 years ago I got chatting to a very nice man in a pub, and bought him a pint to keep him talking. He has just brought me a cup of tea in bed, as he does every morning he isn't working. That pint was probably the best purchase ever."


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