7 signs that it's time to have the money talk with your kids

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Are you confident that your child is smart with money - or a wee bit worried that they mightn't grow up to be the savviest of spenders? Mumsnetters share the moments they knew they had to have 'the money talk' with their kids.



1. They max out your card making online purchases 

"My son logged onto my iTunes account and downloaded a number of games. He didn't realise that I would then get an email saying how much had been spent."


2. Their month's allowance disappears in one day

"If she's got five pounds, she'll spend ten."


3. They dump items into the shopping basket like it's a game of supermarket sweep

"I went to the supermarket with my daughter (we usually order online), and she was really shocked by how much food costs – she had no real concept."


4. They have some <ahem> issues concerning financial confidentiality

"I tried to hide my pin when paying - but she shouted it out aloud in the shop."


5. They go out with huge wodges of dosh in their mitts

"My daughter takes £70 in cash with her when she goes shopping."


6. They're a little too familiar with parents' finances


"My daughter knows my credit card details better than I do!"


7. They CAN'T NOT HAVE stuff other people have

want it now

"Everything my daughter's friend has, she immediately needs."


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