Unilever - a Family Friendly company

brightFutureFamily life is really important to Unilever. We strive to make products which help people to feel good, look good and get more out of life, every day. It's our ambition to help make family life not only better but more sustainable too. We also pride ourselves on being a family friendly employer and are delighted to be part of Mumsnet's Family Friendly programme.


Five family friendly things about Unilever 

1. 125 years of cleanliness

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This year we're celebrating 125 years since the beginning of the Port Sunlight Works by William Hesketh Lever in 1888. Just like our founder had a vision to make cleanliness commonplace in Victorian Britain, we've adapted our ambition to tackle some of the big challenges we face today: to make sustainable living commonplace.

2. Improving the UK's well-being

We've committed to helping one billion people improve their health and well-being by 2020 – in the UK we've helped improve the lives of over one million young girls through the Dove Self Esteem Project.

3. Decreasing environmental impact


We've committed to halving the environmental impact of the making and use of our products - all our factories in the UK are zero non-hazardous waste to landfill and we've recently cut the carbon footprint of our Sure, Dove and Vaseline deodorants by 25% by compressing them in size. 

4. Committed to sustainability 

We've committed to sourcing 100% of our agricultural raw materials sustainably by 2020 – PG tips was the first fully Rainforest Alliance certified tea brand in the UK and is farmed by workers earning a fair wage, with access to good quality housing, medical care and education for their children.

5. Women in the workplace

We are proud winners of the prestigious 2013 Catalyst Award which honours exceptional business initiatives for women in the workplace.


 Family friendly ambitions

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We're three years into our 10 year plan. We're making some great progress but there are many challenges ahead which we still don't know how to overcome yet. Much of Unilever's impact on the world around us is beyond our control – the water used when doing the laundry or the water used for showering, for example. We recognise we can only achieve this if we all work together to take small everyday actions that make a real difference.



One of the main motivations for wanting to live more sustainable lifestyles is to create a brighter future for our children and for future generations.

brightFuture, is a global movement to inspire millions of people around the world to live more sustainably and in doing so, create a brighter future for all of our children. It is a celebration of the small actions we can all take.

brightFuture will create better outcomes for up to two million children all around the world, by providing safe, clean drinking water through Save the Children, improving sanitation through UNICEF and providing school meals through the World Food Programme. To find out more and join the movement, visit brightfuture.unilever.com




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