Family Friendly programme: who's supporting it so far?

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Companies supporting Family Friendly

We've already started working with leading UK businesses on how to improve their customer services and parent-friendly employment practices. 


If you think your employer (or your own company) is fabulous, or could do with a bit of help, let us know  

We're delighted the main political parties are supporting our programme to help make Britain family friendly. 

Prime minister David Cameron: "It's great to see Mumsnet and businesses coming together in this way. Together I'm sure we can help parents get the support they need to juggle work and family life, and help our businesses make the most of the talent and skills of their employees."I wish them the very best for their campaign."

To find out more about how your business or company can sign up to Mumsnet Family Friendly, please email Vicki Shotbolt to request an information pack or to discuss the benefits of joining the programme in more detail.

Deputy Prime minister and Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg: "I fully support the Mumsnet campaign to encourage firms to become more family friendly. I want to help hard working families. One big change we are introducing is a more flexible system of parental leave so that parents can do their jobs well and give their children the care and support they need."

Labour Party leader Ed Miliband: "I'm lending my full support to Mumsnet's campaign to help Britain's workplaces become more family friendly. Being able to balance earning a living with spending proper time with your children is not just important for strong families and communities but it's also good for businesses and employers. I'm proud that the last Labour government recognised this and introduced the right to request flexible working for parents and improved maternity and paternity rights. But I know that there is still a long way to go to help parents get that crucial balance and I hope that as many employers as possible get on board the Mumsnet campaign."


Last updated: about 3 years ago