Family friendly Britain: what others are saying

cameron and cleggThe Coalition Government agreement included a promise to make "our society more family friendly" with ten specific pledges, including encouraging flexible parental leave, supporting the provision of free nursery care and maintaining the goal of ending child poverty by 2020.

The OECD and Fatherhood Institute placed Britain fourth from bottom in a league table of family-friendly policies. Its statistics showed that 37.7% of the part-time workforce in Denmark is male, as opposed to 24.2% in the UK.

Charity Working Families has produced the Business Case for Flexible Working, stating it can have a real impact on companies' bottom line, and the CBI reports that more than 97% of businesses now offer flexible working.          

An employer survey on flexible work by Women Like Us found that employers value part-time workers. More than 95% of businesses employing part-time staff agreed that: "Part-time isn't just for low-skill roles. It can also work for jobs that need skilled, experienced employees."

Ryan Shorthouse, from think tank SMF, has compiled evidence showing flexible working can be good for both employers and employees. Reporting that businesses show increases in productivity and an enhanced ability to attract and retain the best staff while parents who want to spend more quality time with their kids are doing just that.



Last updated: about 3 years ago