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PizzaExpress is committed to the ideals of the Family Friendly programme and taking Mumsnetters' opinions seriously when it comes to the future of their business.

PizzaExpressTop five things you didn't know about PizzaExpress 

  1. PizzaExpress introduced their first children's menu in 2006. The Piccolo menu, as they call it, is designed so that kids are treated like mini adults – from the menu choice to how PizzaExpress' teams interact with children. The menu isn't dumbed down with kiddies' food in strange shapes and made out of ingredients that adults wouldn't touch but mini portions of adult choices, using the same high quality ingredients.
  2. The Piccolo menu was refreshed in 2013 when PizzaExpress teamed up with The Children's Food Trust and their expert nutritionists. They worked together to make the menu more engaging and to remove some of the unnecessary calories and fat from dishes by, for example, removing the fudgey, cakey bits from their sundaes. By laying out the menu as a bright and attention-grabbing magazine with an activity page focused around fresh food, it is immediately more engaging than a one-sided menu. From colourful photography of fresh ingredients to a create your own option, children are enticed with good choices.  To stop their littlest customers from overeating, younger children can choose just a main instead of three set courses.
  3. PizzaExpress knows that by sparking children's curiosity around fresh ingredients and cooking at an early age, makes them likelier to learn better habits later in life and keep on preparing good food at home. That's why, in 2013, PizzaExpress and the Children's Food Trust launched an initiative called Getting Kids Cooking. The campaign aims to inspire a million kids to get cooking over the next year.
  4. Because more and more children and adults are being diagnosed as coeliac or with gluten intolerances, PizzaExpress now has a gluten-free range of dishes, which is accredited by Coeliac UK.
  5. PizzaExpress doesn't do gimmicks. You'll never find a plastic toy at PizzaExpress or play areas filled with broken, sticky toys, just great food and a desire to bring families together in a welcoming environment.

PizzaExpress pizza making partyTop five family friendly ambitions 

  1. To reclaim family mealtimes – PizzaExpress aims to deliver the best pizza and the best service in beautiful restaurants so you can enjoy spending time with your loved ones, safe in the knowledge that everything else is taken care of.
  2. To give parents a break – every parent knows the value of a friendly and sympathetic smile when you fall through the door of a restaurant with bags and bags of shopping, a buggy with a dodgy wheel, a dripping umbrella and a hungry child. PizzaExpress' team members know just how much a warm welcome can mean.
  3. To help a generation of kids to take their first steps in the kitchen – PizzaExpress has been getting kids cooking since the late '90s when a teacher called up her local restaurant and asked if she could bring along her class and teach them how to cook.  Their free school visits programme grew from there and are going from strength to strength. Since then, hundreds of thousands of kids have visited their local PizzaExpress to learn about kitchen safety, discover new ingredients that might not have come across before and, of course, make a pizza.
  4. To celebrate with you – every day, people choose to celebrate a special event at PizzaExpress and PizzaExpress' teams are really proud that you choose to celebrate with them. That's why they aim to make sure you have the best experience possible. From emailing vouchers for a free bottle of Prosecco on guest's birthdays or hosting Pizza Making Party for kids as well as grown-ups, the teams are ready to make important days even more special.
  5. To surprise and delight customers – PizzaExpress is always innovating. From simple ideas, like introducing a dessert that contains zero fat, to a mobile phone app that means customers can pay their bill at any point during their meal (perfect when the kids are starting to fidget), PizzaExpress aims to carry the flag for family friendly innovations.



Last updated: about 3 years ago