Pearson - a Family Friendly company

PearsonThis is what Pearson has to say about the Mumsnet Family Friendly programme:

Pearson is proud to be working with Mumsnet on their Family Friendly programme. In education we works very closely with schools, children and parents to develop learning resources to give children the most opportunities in their educational lives. At Pearson, we take learning personally. Our courses and resources are designed to help people learn whatever, wherever and however they choose.

We know that the key to a child’s success in life is parental involvement in their early education. We strive to find the best ways to help parents achieve this successfully. We would love to hear what Mumsnetters think about the Mumsnet Learning service we have developed – and are always happy to hear about how we can make it work better for you. We’d also like to know more about the issues that you are facing with your children’s education, and what other kinds of support you need at home.

At Pearson, we recognise the importance of a family-friendly approach for our staff. We recognise the value of our people and the importance of having a motivated and committed workforce. We also acknowledge that our staff have lives outside of their careers and that attaining a good work/life balance is healthy, beneficial and motivational in every respect, both for our staff and for the company. We will always use our best endeavours to ensure that our staff are able to fulfil their commitments to their work and to their families equally, and the company will always acknowledge the importance of family support in allowing staff to carry out their jobs.


Last updated: about 3 years ago