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This is what O2 has to say about the Mumsnet Family Friendly programme:

As part of our work with Mumsnet on the Family Friendly programme, in December last year, we launched the O2 Working Families' Contract trial, a new flexible contract designed with working parents in mind. The new contract allows groups of between two and four working mums and dads to freely decide how they will cover shifts over a month, to which they can make changes at any time, giving them the flexibility to balance their jobs with the school run, their children's holidays or unplanned emergencies. The trial is up and running in the O2 store in Greenwich and has received really positive feedback from the working parents involved so far.

At O2, we want to make life easier for families and do what we can to help the mums and dads who work here to get the best balance between work and family life. Through a range of communication technologies, O2 offers flexible working options where feasible –home working, flexi-time, staggered hours and job sharing. As well as a comprehensive maternity guide and maternity leave package, we have policies in place for paternity, adoption, fostering and fertility treatment and a range of support services. We want our working parents to have the flexibility to take the time they need, so we also offer parental leave of up to 13 weeks before a child is five years old. We understand that everyone, whether a parent or not, has responsibilities outside of work, and sometimes these responsibilities may demand our people's attention when they're at work. They might be faced with needing to take care of someone who is not a dependent child, maybe providing unpaid care for an ill, frail or disabled family member or partner. We've created “A guide to support carers" because we want to support and help our people who find themselves in these situations.

We're building Family Friendliness into more and more of our new innovations and in 2011, we launched O2 Wifi which offers free, fast, reliable and safe wifi for everyone. It's available in thousands of retailers including McDonalds, Costa Coffee, Debenhams and Café Rouge as well as outdoor locations across London such as Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. Our Family Friendly wifi was developed in conjunction with the O2 mobile team, who have years of experience and expertise in filtering offensive content. We've taken a proactive role in ensuring that inappropriate content is filtered and in public hotspot locations like Oxford Street, we've implemented a number of measures to ensure that we filter to the best we can, such as, filter lists and SafeSearch technology.

We're also committed to creating a safer digital world for our children. We have a number of measures to help: Practical advice and support for parents, and a Nuisance Call Bureau to help customers who feel harassed or threatened. In 2010, O2 set a safety default on all phones, requiring customers to prove they were 18 before accessing adult-only sites. Plus, with 'Parental Control', customers are able to restrict access on mobiles and O2 broadband connections to a limited number of sites that we know are suitable. 'Who wants 2 no', a childrens story book commissioned by O2 and Childnet International draws attention to the dangers of giving away personal details online. O2 has distributed over 100,000 free copies of the book to schools and libraries and this year it was made available as a free iPhone app.

O2's Think Big social action programme is designed to empower young people (aged 13-25) who want to make changes to their communities. Through funding, training and support, we help turn their ideas into reality. As part of Think Big, we have launched O2 Learn which aims to connect all young people to great teaching. O2 Learn is a free, moderated video library of over 3,000 lessons for secondary school students aged 13-18 years old. UK teachers film their best lessons and revision tips and upload them on to the O2 Learn site where they can then be accessed by students and parents for free. As well as giving young people access to great lessons, it helps parents to find out more about what their children are learning at school and to be better able to help with homework.

We want to be as helpful as we can for families at a time when we all seem to be a bit more financially stretched - so we offer our customers a range of ways to stay in touch with their families for less, in the UK through the Your Family Bolt On, or family abroad with our International Calling Card or our International Favourites offerings. We've introduced O2 Gurus to give free advice to customers with any questions they might have. O2 Gurus can be accessed whenever and however you want, when you get a spare minute – drop in or book an appointment in store, chat online or on the phone, watch a clip on You Tube – whatever's easiest.

We also want to help families to have some fun together! So at The O2, under our 'For the Family' theme, where we can, we use our O2 Lounge and Blueroom Bar to make family events at The O2 more special, by offering face painters, balloon modelling, magicians and poster making.

So there's plenty that O2 is already doing, but we want to do more - and do more of the right things. So we are working with Mumsnet to make sure we're doing everything we can to support families in the best and most helpful ways possible.


Last updated: about 3 years ago