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The Mumsnet Family Friendly programme's vision is to make parents' lives easier and to encourage businesses to adopt flexible and effective working practices. Here's where you can find the companies that are proud to say they've joined up and are helping employees get the support they need

Family Friendly Members

Aster Group

aster group

Aster Group is passionate about changing and improving lives – and that includes the lives of our colleagues.

We know how important it is to achieve that work-life blend, and so striving to be a family friendly business is a priority for us.

We’ve already delivered and are currently working on a number of things which we believe will help us achieve this, including:

  • Providing enhanced maternity/adoption and paternity pay.
  • Offering flexible working options so our colleagues can decide where and when they work, whether it’s at home, a café, in the office or at night.
  • Reviewing our gender pay gap to ensure a consistent reduction in the gap over the next five years.
  • Providing shared parental leave pay at an enhanced rate (based on the individuals contractual terms – we have some differing terms).

Future projects include:

  • Extra support for maternity returners. This could take shape of a buddy programme where someone else in the business buddies up with the returning colleague to help them settle back into the business.
  • Enhancing shared parental leave even further.
  • Carrying out a further review of our maternity/adoption offer, making sure we benchmark against others.

We recognise that talented and motivated people drive our success, so we work hard at making Aster a rewarding and great place to work. Ensuring we are family friendly is just one of the ways we aim to do this.

Department of Surgery and Cancer at Imperial College London

imperial college london family friendly

The Department of Surgery and Cancer is part of the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College London. The Department’s focus is to deliver the Faculty's research and education mission in an environment where everyone can thrive. Central to this is our People and Culture Committee, which prioritises the pastoral support of the staff. People and Culture is not just a phrase, it means placing staff and their family’s wellbeing at the centre of the decisions we make, as well as ensuring our policies and procedures are family-friendly.

We promote flexible working from the moment a job is advertised and provide access to the 'My Family Care' service for emergency childcare and school holiday cover. We have a clear maternity support pathway and offer fellowships designed to support female academic staff returning to work after maternity leave. We offer 52 weeks maternity leave and shared parental leave to all our staff, including those fostering or adopting. The College has a nursery facility, rated Outstanding by OFSTED, and actively supports the use of childcare vouchers to reduce the cost for staff. We have highchairs, changing facilities, and dedicated breastfeeding rooms on every campus, as well as maternity and paternity mentoring buddy schemes.

We are proud to support parents in the Department and are constantly reviewing what we do to improve the support we give our staff.

Octopus Energy

Octopus energy

Octopus Energy aims to make buying energy as pain-free as buying gin. We know that you have a million more exciting things to do than worry about managing your energy supply, so we do what we can to make the process as easy as possible.

We’re available on email, 9am-10pm, seven days a week so you don’t have to spend your lunch hour in a call centre queue, and our CEO’s email address is accessible to every customer – we don’t claim to be perfect, but if we do get something wrong, we like it to go straight to the top.

We try and listen to what people tell us, too. For example, we recently added a feature that enables customers to keep an eye on a relative’s account – an elderly parent, maybe – giving you both peace of mind that everything on the account is running smoothly, like making sure meter readings are given on time.

In our team, we ban the term ‘flexible working’ – it’s just ‘working’. Work is an integral part of life, but you’ve got to balance it with family and personal time. Our CEO works hard, but he also does the school run twice a week. Our Director of Product and Marketing has conducted external meetings with her five-year-old. We’ve also got a fabulous team of 18 (mainly mothers) who work from home dealing with our out-of-office customer enquiries.

Want to know what it's like to work for Octopus Energy? Find out what a typical day involves for Octopus' Director of Product and Marketing.

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