2014 Innovation Award submissions - customer facing


"The nation's favourite custard and rice pudding brand, Ambrosia, is proud to introduce Ambrosia mini pots, in Mini rice and Mini custard variants. They offer the same yummy, creamy, Ambrosia taste, now specially formulated for young children with added calcium and vitamin D, and come in a six pack of 55g mini pots.

We believe that healthy eating habits are important for children's development, and to help to shape their food choices later in life. Ambrosia mini pots are a great way to provide families with dairy goodness from West-country milk, as they are made from 100% naturally-sourced ingredients, with no preservatives or artificial colours, flavourings or sweeteners."



"In response to the feedback we have produced a children's colouring book (in the style of a newspaper and titled The Funancial Times) to help occupy children from the ages of four to 10 whilst their parents are in branch, with the aim of making our branches more family friendly. It includes a range of activities to suit this age bracket and is also based on financial or Barclays related initiatives such as Premier League and O2 sponsorship. This has been reviewed by over 200 Mumsnetters and their feedback has been taken on board."


bella italiaBella Italia 

"Click here to view the fabulous new kids menu packed full of yumminess which includes three courses plus nibbles on arrival and unlimited cordial, perfect for little 'piccolo' tummies aged two to six years and big 'grande' bellies aged seven to 11 years. The menu is available for you to try with your children at eight restaurants across the UK, where it is being trialled by families in the final part of this innovative 'tried and tested' approach, ensuring families get the best possible experience."



"If your children are happy, you're happy too and just to make sure, we offer a choice of delightful places to stay, including our top TripAdvisor rated Shoreline Hotel (and did we mention our relaxation spas and beauty salons?).

When it comes to mealtimes, our nutritious tasty meals designed exclusively for Butlins by Annabel Karmel MBE will go down a treat with everyone. Rest assured that everything on a Butlins Just For Tots break has been designed for early-risers who are early-to-bed. Our early dining times, drop-in style activity sessions and repeated entertainment schedules are designed to be flexible, so they'll fit in with your little one's routine. Even better for your budget, it's all part of the price!

Wave goodbye to car seats and designated drivers – everything happens within walking distance of your accommodation inside our family-friendly resorts. On a Butlins Just For Tots break, you are free to do as much or as little as you like. When you arrive you will receive a What's On Guide so you can pick and choose what to do when. Don't forget, it's all part of the price so you can say 'yes you can' over and over again. For full details, click here."


Explore Learning

"The team at Mumsnet gave us some really useful feedback last year on how we could continue to improve the experience of our customers. The thing that resonated most with us was how we could give our staff a better understanding of the challenges faced by mums and dads on a daily basis. We learned to think of our customer experience as not just beginning and ending at the door of Explore Learning, but to also think about what might be happening before and after each child's session, and how we could make each member's day a little better.

We decided to roll out 'a mile in a mum's shoes' across the company, and every Regional Manager and Head Office department manager has been involved. By shadowing an afternoon in the life of some of our members, it has allowed us to see how we can make small changes within our department functions to make things run more smoothly for parents as well as children." 




"We have re-introduced Kids Eat Free in the restaurants over the summer and now Kids Eat Free and travel free on HEX for half term through to Christmas. Our passenger ambassadors and inter-terminal coaching teams provide information about the family facilities and offers in the Terminals."



"We know how important the shopping experience is to our customers, in particular those with young families and therefore our new concept store has been developed based on family friendly feedback. Whilst we know that other retailers do offer changing and feeding facilities already, we have tried to take this a step further with the introduction of family-sized fitting rooms right across the store, including specific family fitting rooms across all departments. This new concept store is a huge step forward for us and really demonstrates our commitment to becoming one of the top Family Friendly Retailers in the UK."


McDonald's Restaurants Limited

"Government research revealed that less than one in five children aged five to 15 met the recommended five daily portions of fruit and vegetables.(1) Further research suggested that UK families were finding it harder than ever to eat their 5-a-day.(2) After speaking to parents in the UK, McDonald's learnt that they were finding it especially challenging to find affordable seasonal fruit and vegetables, make eating fruit and vegetables fun and enjoyable, and get their children into good habits at an early age.(3) This research made it clear that there was an opportunity to help mums and dads encourage their kids to eat their 5-a-day and help make fruit fun.

That is why we launched Free Fruit Fridays, our long term commitment to giving away a free Fruit Bag with every Happy Meal purchased on the first Friday of the month. The Free Fruit Fridays campaign has been extremely appealing to customers and since the campaign launched in March we have given away c.2.8 million Fruit Bags. This is a 2600% increase in the number of Fruit Bags we would normally sell on each of these Fridays. As a result, on each Free Fruit Friday to date, McDonald’s has been the largest provider of prepared c.80g fruit bags in the UK,(4) helping kids get one of their 5-a-day.

To ensure customers don't miss out, we created a calendar link to enable customers to add the Free Fruit Friday dates to their calendar and pick up a free Fruit Bag, with the purchase of a Happy Meal on the first Friday of every month"

1.Source: National Obesity Observatory Data Factsheet, published November 2012. Data obtained from Health Survey for England on fruit and vegetable consumption in 2010. Available at: http://www.noo.org.uk/uploads/doc/vid_17626_ChildDietFactsheet_Nov2012.pdf 2.Source: National Diet and Nutrition Survey carried out on behalf of the Department of Health and Food Standards Agency, published July 2012. The research was conducted among adults aged 19 to 64 years, older adults 65 years and over and children aged 11 to 18 years. Available at: http://www.natcen.ac.uk/media/175123/national-diet-and-nutrition-survey-years-1-2-and-3.pdf 3.Source: YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 8,763 adults, 1,947 of which have children aged 18 or under that live with them. Fieldwork was undertaken between 19-25 February 2014. The survey was carried out online. 4.Based on data obtained from Kantar World Panel, an online consumer data panel analysing information on the number of c.80g prepared fruit bags bought by c.30,000 people in the UK 


Metro Bank

"Financial education is really important to us, which is why we've always hosted our unique Metro Bank Money Zone programme for school children (Key Stage 2). This year alone, more than 10,000 children have already taken part in this programme and we're delighted with its success. The new Family Friendly Zone is a place where customers can find more information about our financial education programme for kids and our Magic Money 5 for 5 Club, top tips for students, as well as some great games. Remember, Kids Rock at Metro Bank! Click here to find out more."



talktalk"TalkTalk is the only company to offer privacy features, like our nuisance call blocking service, free. If you've just got baby off to sleep the last thing you want is another time-wasting sales call or recorded message, and we know some customers find scam calls frustrating and disruptive.

So we took a big bold step and made all of our privacy features free of charge for all customers. People can easily bar callers they don't want to hear from again, and report spammers to our network team. 1571 voicemail and caller ID are also free, along with the ability to block calls from anonymous numbers. Other providers charge over £100 a year for these features, putting families out of pocket. Since we made all of these handy features free take up increased by 150%, showing that families like being able to take control over incoming calls and block nuisance callers.

Mobile phones are now essential for older children but it can be expensive to get them set up and a lot of parents worry about the expense, especially if they have a chatty teenager. We now include mobile as standard in our Plus TV packages, with a SIM card worth £90 at no extra cost. The SIM card comes with 100 minutes, 250 texts and 200Mb of data. As around a third of TalkTalk Mobile customers take more than one SIM or handset, whether that's to give to their children or an elderly relative, it's a deal thousands of families really benefit from. Finally, TalkTalk TV continues to go from strength to strength.

To help give families more of the TV they love without the hefty price tag, we added seven extra Sky channels to our Plus TV package at no extra cost. Parents told us they liked flexibility and the ability to dip in and out of their favourite shows, so as well as offering additional channels a month at a time with no ongoing commitment, we launched Taster Weekends. Taster Weekends give families the chance to try a few channels that are usually paid for such as Disney, Cartoon Network, E!, History Channel for three days at no extra cost. It's been a hit, with up to 40% more families tuning in.

As a result of the continual investment in our TV service, TalkTalk TV is Britain's fastest growing TV service, enjoyed by over 1 million homes across Britain."


Unilever UK & Ireland

"Through the Live Better Challenge, over the last seven months, we've been challenging ourselves and Guardian readers to live better by swapping ideas and tips about a range of activities including saving water and energy, reducing food waste and recycling more. This is not only helping families to live more sustainably but is helping them to save money on the household bills too, so they have more to spend on other family essentials or treats.

Every month we've had a new challenge and on average been reaching over 8.5 million people, with July's Water Saving Challenge the strongest reaching over 9.8 million people. In March, with the Food Waste Challenge, our collective efforts saved 10 tonnes of waste just by making small changes at home, the equivalent of saving over £30,000 by using up leftovers. We're also delighted that the Live Better Challenge has been shortlisted for two awards, the Media Week Awards and our own internal Unilever Awards within the Sustainable Living Category, to find out more click here. You can also, click here to find out more about how Unilever wants to help create a brighter future for our children through living more sustainably."



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