Family Friendly hall of fame

Family Friendly

Each year we get more and more companies wanting to commit and join us in our Family Friendly programme - aiming to make the UK a more family friendly place. 

Check out our line-up for 2015 to find out who's making life that little bit easier for families around Britain.

Gold Award winners



Good value for money and excellent customer service; overwhelmingly rated positively by staff; new materials communicating maternity and paternity rights.


Strong offers for maternity, paternity, adoption and fostering leave. Training for new families. Excellent response to last year's feedback including institutionally discounted childcare places.


ASK Italian

ASK Italian has demonstrated it's committed to being a family friendly company and is keen to embrace all aspects of family friendliness. Secret shoppers had a positive experience when dining and staff have a high awareness of family friendly policies.


Very robust and supportive offers for flexible working and clear communication of policies, plus products that contribute positively to family life.

Starcom MediaVest Group

Staff hold it in very high regard as a family friendly employer - it has a high awareness of polices and promote regular workshops and training sessions for all employees on all matters family friendly.


Staff report Matalan is a good family friendly company to work for and customers appreciate the Matalan offer for families - especially on value.  

Silver Award winner



Heathrow's internal policies provide a great foundation for family friendliness. Airport staff recognise the company's efforts in becoming a good family friendly company to work for and customers have responded well to family friendly initiatives.


Still to be decided...



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