easyJet - a Family Friendly company

easyJetThis is what easyJet has to say about the Mumsnet Family Friendly programme:

easyJet is passionate about making travel easy and affordable for our customers. Our customer experience is at the heart of everything we do, everyone is committed to making the travel experience as easy as it can be.

easyJet operates Europe's No. 1 air transport network with a leading presence on Europe's top 100 routes and at Europe's 50 largest airports. easyJet flies on more than 550 routes between 130 airports in 30 countries. More than 300 million Europeans live within one hour's drive of an easyJet airport, more than any other airline.

Our Ground & Cabin Crew are highly trained and committed, their warmth and focus on passenger care helps create a connection with our customers throughout their journey. easyJet is committed to making your experience as easy as it can, our family Question & Answer pack including a helpful checklist can be found online which provides you with all the information you will require. easyJet operates a free seating policy however our families travelling with Children under 5 are invited to board the aircraft ahead of boarding group 1 to ensure you are seated together. Our Customer services teams are available seven days a week to assist you both before and post your flight with us!

Over the past six months we have focused on making travel easier for our families and have introduced a:

  • Travelling with Families Question & Answer pack including a helpful checklist available for download (PDF) at easyJet.com
  • Children's Snack pack onboard which contains a selection of snacks from well-known brands, all packed in a fun filled activity box which includes games, drawings to colour in, a post card and a pack of colour pencils.

We are committed to enhancing our Proposition throughout 2012 to ensure that we become the number one choice for families travelling throughout Europe, we endeavour to make their experience as easy and stress free as possible. Over the coming months we intend to:

  • Initiate an Allocated Seating trial, supporting families to sitting together onboard the aircraft, as well as taking some of the stress out of the boarding experience.
  • Conduct a full audit and review of our Family proposition and experience. 
  • Introduce our customer charter that will define our service commitments. 
  • We will host customer focus groups regularly & listen to our families experiences & their feedback. 
  • We will campaign and be seen to be representing you and your needs when working with regulators, governing bodies & our airport partners especially around family friendly facilities. 


Last updated: almost 2 years ago