Why you need an Instant Pot in your kitchen

Is there anything an electric pressure cooker can't do? Well, maybe - but Mumsnetters still think this could be the best piece of kitchen kit you buy this year

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Why Mumsnetters love it

"I've had my Instant Pot for about six months now and I am obsessed. OBSESSED! I can put something on, leave the house to walk the dog or go to the shops, and come back to a cooked meal, without worrying about anything burning or the house blowing up or any of the usual shit I worry about. That's a special kind of magic right there." 

"It was the fact it's silent that made me get it rather than a regular stove top pressure cooker. I thought at first it would just be for dried pulses and eventually gather dust but I really wouldn't be without it. It is on my "things to save in a house fire" list after kids and pets!"

"I've made space by getting rid of the slow cooker, etc that I don't need now that I've got this."

"I can take it away in the caravan and use it there as well!"

"I need to order one. I've just spent the last 30 minutes with my kindle balanced on newborn's head (put a muslin between them - don't judge me) whilst feeding, reading all the Amazon reviews."

"The only thing it doesn't do is the dishes!"

What you can make with an Instant Pot

1. Cook meat from frozen

"This sounds brilliant for me because I'm always forgetting to take meat out of the freezer the night before."

2. Make Chinese food

"The porridge function doesn't mean porridge as we know is but rice porridge (congee)."

3. Cook a roast in under an hour

"Pressure cooking combines heat and pressure, to speed up the cooking process (a 4lb beef joint took 45 minutes) and because of the pressure, flavours tend to be intensified."

4. Use it to replace your rice cooker

"Love the fact it makes perfect rice in 10 minutes."

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